What to Consider When Starting a Welding Business

What to Consider When Starting a Welding Business

This is a very lucrative venture as so many long-lasting equipment is made out of metal
Here is a list of things to consider before you set it up.

Getting your welding equipment

Some of the factors to consider when getting equipment are the cost of accessories that come along with buying the machine as well as the availability of spare parts in Kenya. It is also good to look at the authenticity of the company selling as well as the warranty of the machine. The best warranty on offer currently is 2-3 years. Also, beware of counterfeit and cheap machinery, go for companies that are recognized. Lastly buy equipment suitable for the kind of work you will be doing. some of the welding equipment available in the country include Gas welding equipment for the heavy metals, Stick or Arc welding equipment for mild steel, alloys repairs, and maintenance, Mig welding equipment for a broad range of materials and thickness,

Getting your metal

Metals used in welding include steel, aluminum, alloy, copper, etc. It all depends on the product you want to make as different items require different metals. Products could range from jikos, window grills to chaff cutters. Identify a reputable company that you can source your metals from.


Ensure you are as close to the road as possible since it is most likely that you will be working on big and heavy products. Clients need to know that they can easily access you.

Keep up with trending designs

If you are setting up a metal fabrication business it’s advisable that you specialize in making specific products as opposed to shaping and bending anything metallic. Perfect your art and always keep yourself updated on emerging trends. If you make gates, for instance, ensure you know the latest designs.


Social media has made marketing much easier. Take good shots of your product and post them online along with details such as your location the price and contact number. Also, encourage your clients to recommend your product to their friends as the referral is the number one marketing tool in such a business.


Since you are new to this field make sure to conduct research. Find out how much other metal fabricators charge for their services and products. You don’t want to be the new kid on the block charging way more than the established ones when you still have a lot to prove to the clients. Strike a balance between being affordable and making a profit at the same time.

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About Kuza Biashara

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