When Doing Something You Love Also Earns You a Living.

When Doing Something You Love Also Earns You a Living.

There was a time when the most important beauty enhancement product a woman owned was an eye pencil lipstick and powder. This was a very tricky situation as the powder was white and only favored the light skinned ladies and had the dark skinned ones looking like they had just taken a swim in the waters of river Nyando. There were very few professionals and there was no YouTube to offer tutorials so to add salt to the wound most people did their makeup themselves and it was a sight to behold. 

Today we don’t have this problem. With online shops people have access to the best makeup suitable for different skin tones available both locally and from abroad. Thanks to beauty schools and YouTube people have perfected the art of applying makeup. This has also given birth to a lucrative business by makeup artists. One such beautypreneur is Linda Njambi.

It all started with a passion for hair and beauty products in high school but she knew it could not be the main source of livelihood so she went on to college studied something totally different from beauty and even got a job in sales and marketing. After a short while in the job Linda decided to perfect her craft through watching YouTube videos on makeup and making wigs. She would do it as a side hustle.

“I was the go to person in my high school if you needed your hair done so I’d say this is something I was interested in from a very early age. In 2017 I realized that I could do it as a fulltime business. Getting consistent clients was the first challenge as this was now my income generator and I needed the money. I used mostly IG and FB to market my business Make_up by Linda and I still do up to date. I had to become very active on social media as there are many people offering the same service so you either swim or drown. “

It helps that Make_up by Linda works with a variety of clients ranging from individuals weddings baby showers, photo shoot etc. Those provide a wider pool of clients.  She also sells the makeup products hair wigs and offers short course classes to empower her fellow youth to be their own bosses.

One of the lessons she learnt when starting the business was to be positive but also be prepared for the worst,

“Don’t have such high expectations when starting out especially when dealing with a luxury product. You need a lot of patience and perfect your people skills as it will involve a lot of talking, interacting with people and convincing people that they need the service despite it not being a basic need.”

When asked about friends who take advantage and request for free services Linda emphasizes as an entrepreneur she has to be firm and make them understand that this is her business and she needs to grow in it.

 “A good friend is one who supports you, not one who brings you down by asking for free services.”

Make_up by Linda is located along Moi Avenue street and she says what influenced the location is how easily accessible it is and the heavy human traffic along that area.

She is motivated by the positive feedback from clients. When she sees her clients happy and getting compliments she feels encouraged to keep doing what she does.

Her parting shot for upcoming entrepreneurs, 

“Take risk, give it your all and despite it not being easy don’t give up, nothing comes so easily.”

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About Kuza Biashara

About Kuza Biashara

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