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The homecoming of the #SheGoesDigital Graduates

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The #SheGoesDigital program celebrated the accomplishment of yet another milestone as the girls who graduated from the program successfully completed their internship period.  While a majority (around 60%) of them continued in their respective jobs, about 40% of them took bolder steps moving to new challenges, including setting up their own businesses or expanding their already existing small shops.

It was a great re-union for the young women, filled with fun, laughter, bonding and most importantly great experience share. The girls came together at the Kuza Innovation Centre to share their set of challenges, achievements, revelations and appreciations.  During all the three months of their internship, they had so many new assignments, new projects, exploration of skills that they did not know they possessed, changes both in roles & activities, but one thing stayed constant – their zeal to get through & create an impact in the organizations they were working for.  So naturally, when they came together their eyes were filled with excitement of seeing each other (since they bonded so well during the 45 day training period in March – May 2017).  It was great to witness those touching/ emotional moments.

A section of #SheGoesDigital graduates sharing their experiences during the re-union
A section of #SheGoesDigital graduates sharing their experiences during the re-union

The team from Kuza were joined by Ms. Caroline, Resident Co-ordinator of the SITA Program.  It was interesting to understand how the program impacted the young women & their careers, from picking new & relevant skills that they are able to apply to their growing confidence in their ability to do much beyond what they could have ever imagined. The three months at companies from diverse fields gave them so much to learn that most of them were amazed at how much they could implement what they have learnt and on the day of re-union, they learnt so much more from the collective wisdom they brought to the table.

The young women were heard saying how great it feels for them to be able to share tips & tricks that they learnt  about Social Media & Digital Marketing, especially being in the helm of affairs in their respective job positions, given that most of them are working directly with the business owners or the management teams.  We, along with the young women wished the day had not ended as there was so much more to talk about, so much more to learn from each other about the exciting journey thus far and moving on. But as they say, all good things must come to end, so did the day come to an end, with all of them promising each other to stay curious and try new roles, while they remain patient watching their project “seeds” grow into amazing initiatives.

Until we meet the next time, #SheGoesDigitalRocks!!


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