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Meet Nairobi Woman, Former Guard Building Her Construction Company Block-By-Block


Mjengo business in Nairobi

When I arrived at the fast-growing Tassia estate, I could not help but take notice of the extremely hot weather that dominates the Embakasi plains. It was a long journey through the busy Mombasa road, veering off at the North Airport road and onwards to the bustling neighbourhood that’s about three blocks away from the Embakasi military barracks. Continue reading


Program To Equip Women With Digital Skills, Internship & Job Opportunities Launched


Digital literacy for women best pic

Kuza Biashara in association with International Trade Centre (ITC) is conducting a Social Media & Digital Marketing Skills program targeted at young women in Nairobi. The Program focuses on providing the young women specialized theoretical and practical skills related to Social Media & Digital Marketing. The trainees during the training period also be provided with Life Skills, Mentoring sessions and Interview training. Successful training graduates will be connected to the right internship and job opportunities in private/ public sector enterprises. Continue reading


Of Apple Farming In Kenya & How People Are Making Ksh750,000 On 1/4 Acre Plots


Wambugu apples in Kenya

They say an apple a day keeps a doctor away. But what if you could get into apple business to keep poverty away? Most of the apples that we eat here in Kenya are imported either from Middle East or South Africa. This is because exotic trees require a lot of work and are quite delicate. The fact that apples have to be watered frequently, sprayed with chemicals and still demand lots of attention makes them a less-attractive venture to go for if you are a small mwananchi. But not anymore… Continue reading


How To Make Your First Million Printing T-Shirts & Promotional Materials This Campaign Season


Campaign t-shirt printing in Kenya

The campaign season is upon us once again (if you’re from Kenya that is) which means politicians will be spending big money on posters, t-shirts, caps and umbrellas. And beyond the campaign season; companies, governments and institutions always have projects to run and they need….you guessed it…lot’s of promotional materials. So how can you start a business that fulfills this exact need? Is there a lot of money involved? We take a look. Continue reading


Why Everyone Seems To Be Doing Better Than You – 5 Good Reasons


when everyone seems more successful than you are

Back in college, I used to be the most confident guy around. Always attending all lectures and getting top grades. By third-year, I had managed to get myself a part-time job which meant I was above most of my classmates (financially-speaking). And on top of that, I managed to get a full-time job just a few days before sitting for my final exams. I did not “tarmac” and unlike my former classmates, I did not have to knock on endless doors hoping for a miracle. Continue reading