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Sports Betting, Gambling, Jackpots – How Young Kenyans Are Betting Their Way To Poverty

betting depression treatment in Kenya

There is nothing that screams get-rich-overnight like seeing a pauper waving a giant dummy cheque having won a mega jackpot. The smile that usually accompanies that cheque goes a long way in sealing the fate of the doubters and remaining pessimists. With the cost of living sky-rocketing and the rate of employment literary going over the roof, chasing money has become a tell-tale that every Kenyan wants to partake of. Continue reading


How To Overcome Financial Challenges In Marriage

Marriage divorce Kenya

When I first met Sally she was in the verge of giving up on her business. She had tirelessly worked for over 10 years to make it profitable. She had beaten all the odds to maintain her profit margins year after the year. Her business now was sinking though she never got to know why. As we were discussing the issue, a few things came up. The business was doing well until the time Bob, her husband came in as a business partner. Continue reading