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GUEST: He Gave Up Looking For A Job After Hopeless Tarmacking; Today His Business Generates A Ksh5Million Turnover

David Kyalo Afriqque Ventures

With the fast growing rate of unemployment in Africa, coupled with the rising cost of living, many individuals are looking for creative ways to generate income in a bid to make ends meet. And with music concerts and live events gaining popularity, young entrepreneurs are discovering new ways capitalize on this trend. One such entrepreneur is David Kyalo, the Managing Director of Afriqque Ventures. Continue reading


Business Clinic 101 – 3 Fatal Mistakes You’re Making That No One Else Will Caution You About

Business clinic Kenya

If as the entrepreneur, you are the key resource in the business, you are inviting stagnation. If you keep the master plan close to your chest and do not delegate or share with your team, you will stifle your business. The “dream” will end up becoming your prison as clients become your boss. You will hand over your keys of prosperity and sustainability to the clients you serve. Continue reading