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Business ideas you can actualise with Sh5,000 and below

Business ideas you can actualise with Sh5,000 and below

Since Kenya confirmed its first COVID-19 case in March 2020, a lot have happened but remarkably the rate at which the economy slumped leading to many job losses and empty pockets.

It is now dawning at many Kenyans that the best job where one can feel secure is self employment which mostly comes from starting and running a business and earning a living from the business.

Nevertheless, starting a business at the moment when the effects of the pandemic are still within can be challenging hence there is need to look for a business idea which will need a small capital to begin after all, world over, the greatest businessmen and women started small but with a view of improving step by step.

In Kenya, there are a number of business opportunities worth trying and which require as little as Sh3,500 to start and with enough room to expand because no one would like to remain with a small business all time.

Some of the businesses that you can start and grow to the level of your desire:


Perfume refilling

Fashion is becoming a necessity in our urban areas and many people who invest in this area cannot go wrong.

Today, many people would like to look trendy not only in their adornments but also on how they smell around and here is where you can invest in and find some good income.

You do not need to make your own perfumes for it can be expensive for a starter due to the ingredients needed but buy from some companies where you can get the products at some cheaper price.

The amount of capital needed to start the business will depend on how many different fragrances you want to start with. Starting with 10 or 20 different fragrances helps one start with a wide variety.

However, you can start with as low as Sh3,500 which can purchase you a stock of three different fragrances, display bottles, 2 dozen of 3ml and a dozen of 6ml refill bottles.

You do not need to own a shop with this kind of business but identify some few customers whom you will supply from time to time as you grow your consumer base. Luckily with the perfumes, if your choices are good, these first customers will draw more.

Good wholesalers will also advice you on the most popular fragrances as per the market trends.

Your expected profit margins:

You can buy the fragrance at Sh15 per ml and sell at between Sh33-50 per ml depending on your location. So, with the minimum of Sh33 you have a gross profit margin of Sh33-15=18 per ml.



Selling African beadwork

Beads are among the most intriguing and important symbols in the African culture. With time, however, and the cultural exchange around the world, bead workmanship has been evolving to suit the market demands.

Since the practice of bead production and their sale has been a major source of income, many people have flooded production level leaving a niche at marketing level and here is where you can fit should you have some marketing skills that you can display.

You can start by buying readymade items to resell. If you decide to start from scratch, then you will need skills and supplies.

In this approach, the materials are relatively cheap. It will bring more profit but will consume more time. Alternatively, you could decide to buy ready-made products and resell them.

There’s Kariokor market in the outskirts of Nairobi where you can buy such products in bulk. Beautiful neck pieces that retail at Sh1,000 in the city centre can be found in Kariokor for Sh250- Sh400.



Supplying liquid soap to professional cleaning businesses

Starting a liquid soap business is easy. However, you’ll have to learn how to make soap at home. It’s easy.

Some of you must have been taught this using sunflower oil, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide – KOH, distilled water, boric acid, essential oil, and dye.

All these cannot even cost Sh1000 and you could make many litters of soap from the materials for sale.

A litre of such soap goes for Sh50 and you can sell up to 250 liters or even more especially during weekends earning a tidy sum. 

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About Kuza Biashara

About Kuza Biashara

Starting a business is a leap of faith even in the best of circumstances. We at Kuza Biashara are focussed to encourage these daring small business owners who have the potential to innovate and change the world by contributing to the nation’s economy and livelihood.