Making That Christmas Party a Success

Making That Christmas Party a Success

As the year comes to an end one of the ways to close it at the office is by having a celebration. This is a time to reminisce on all of the experiences you have had at the workplace, the good and the bad. When you realize you have spent more days at your workplace, more hours with your colleagues than with your family then you definitely see the point of having a party to celebrate. It can be fun but it can also be awkward. In all honesty who wants their boss to see them dancing on top of the tables after having one too many shots of tequila? What that means is that most people will be afraid to let loose with the fear of misbehaving in the presence of their superiors. That is nothing to worry about as they are also there to have a good time so let go and enjoy the party. Here are a few tips to make the party a success.


Your end of year office party can be truly amazing, and you understandably want a great turnout. Because this time of year can be busy for many people, it is wise to give your employees a save-the-date notice at least a month in advance. You can send out formal invitations approximately two to three weeks in advance. In these communications highlight the date time and venue of the party so people can be aware in advance.


Depending on how many staff members you have you may choose to have the party at the office or at a different location, it could be a restaurant or a garden. Should you opt to go with a public venue ensure you reserve your venue early enough as they may be in high demand at this time of the year. Also make sure that your venue has enough space available for all of your employees as well as their plus ones if they are allowed.


In most offices people wear either official wear or casual wear and since this is a party, some members may be confused as to what to wear to the party. Make things easier by indicating the required color and dress code. This will boost the confidence of those attending and possibly lead to a good turnout.


A holiday party would not be a festive event without the right decor. There are some fairly inexpensive ways to decorate a venue for the holidays. You can get everyone a Santa hat or bring in a fake Christmas tree. For a more festive feel ask your DJ to mix holiday tunes into the playlist.

Food and Drinks

Avail a variety of food, especially if you have a large group of people. Everyone should be able to enjoy their meals whether they are steak lovers or vegetarians. The same goes for drinks. This is why you need to plan early enough. You could go around the office asking your members what drinks they prefer so come that day everyone is attended to. If holding the party at the office organize for outside catering and if it is at a restaurant remember to ask about the available options when it comes to food.


It is very important to have entertainment during this time. It is a time to relax and have fun. The best source of entertainment is music. Organize to have a dj present to play music or to control the sound if people need to make speeches. You can also ask members to prepare short presentations to entertain their colleagues.


How will people get to their homes? That is a question you should ask as you plan for the party. Make arrangements for people to be dropped off in taxis or designated drivers especially if the party ends late in the night and alcohol is involved.

Final word

After a full year of having a cordial relationship with your colleagues it’s only right that you celebrate. Reminisce on your success and draw lessons from your failure as you gear up to do better in the following year.

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