How you can walk home with Sh100,000 a month by just being an errand boy in town

Errand boy carrying package box of grocery food and drink from store
Errand boy carrying package box of grocery food and drink from store

You just found yourself in town jobless and clueless of what you can do to at least have an income, well, here is a good idea that can get you going.

Talk of errand boys in the busy Nairobi central business district (CBD), for example, all you need is to develop trust among your clients, no capital, no nothing and you shall have kick-started a thriving business that can see you walk home with Sh100,000 per month.

Of course, you must have seen posts on social media of these kind of people busy making themselves know not necessarily marketing themselves but having such a free online presence where they can easily be spotted.

‘Are you in NAIROBI, are you looking for a person who can run errands for you….do shopping, pick a child from school, post mails, any home or office errand of between 30 min to 1hour’ is one of the posts on a social media page indicating that it is actually a real business that puts food on the table and settle other bills for a number of people in town.

Peak time for this kind of business is between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm which means if you are interested in this kind of business you must train yourself to be an ‘early bird’.

One key and thriving part of this business is actually to spot a parking space for your clients given the fact that most of the people especially the working class always find it difficult locating a parking lot within the busy streets hence a good opportunity to help and earn something.

In this, you need to know the city well to be able to identify which roads most of these people enter the CBD and which areas they would like to park their cars. 

Do not start staging yourself at Commercial Bus Stage or Railways Bus Station, for example, and expect to make a kill in this business. Around Kenyatta Avenue, Mama Ngina and Koinange Streets are just but some good examples of places you can spot your clients.

When they want to leave their parking spaces, it is also good to help them out as most of the time it is about reversing and there is fear of knocking other vehicles or structures.

Other services that you can also offer include purchasing items and doing banking transactions on behalf of your client and with time and increased trust, more other duties that they may ask of you will come along increasing your income opportunities.

In this, you can start by charging each client Sh50 only and you can serve as many as 100 people per day translating to Sh5,000 a day.

Assuming you work for 20 days for the four weeks in a month, this figure will go up to Sh100,000.

Now you know what to do in the city when you find yourself jobless instead of being a pick-pocketer or a con which are unprofitable and very disastrous.

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