Would You Like To Start A Shaggy Mats Business? Find Out More

Shaggy Rugs Kenya

If you have lots of freetime and are willing to make good use of your creative energy, the business idea of making and selling shaggy mats (or shaggy rugs) can be a good starting point. Making these mats is not only a fun way to spend your time but also a great way to raise a decent and honest income. You can start small today and gradually build a team and a brand for yourself so that you can handle bulk orders from clients. Here’s a step by step guide on how to go about it.

Step 1: Get Trained

You need some practical skills in order to put together a great final product. One good way to acquire these skills is by working with a mentor. Normally, the learning takes 1 to 5 days and the average charges range from Ksh1500 – Ksh3000 depending on whether you have your own tools or not. For purposes of this blog article we engaged with a trainer, Wanjiku Machira (Facebook Profile) who trains potential shaggy mat makers around Nairobi and Thika areas.

Step 2: Buy Your Own Tools

Of course in order to setup a fully fledged business you will need some good tools. The good news is that most of these can be bought locally at very affordable prices. They include (estimates for a meter of shaggy mat):

1.Tapestry (Mat Mesh) – Ksh450 per meter

2.25 Balls of wool – Ksh2000 (Ksh80 per ball)

3.Good Scissors – Ksh200

4.Crochet – Ksh100

5.Marker Pen – Ksh200


You can buy these items at your nearest shopping centre or if around Nairobi you can visit the shops on Biashara Street for the best prices in town.

Step 3: Make A Few Samples

In this business customers prefer to buy what they can see. You will need a few samples as part of your initial marketing. So do your samples nicely and then start approaching potential clients. Don’t be afraid to knock on doors of big organizations, hotels, hospitals and schools for bulk orders.

How Much To Invest

You can get started with as little as Ksh5,000 (inclusive of training fee).

How Much To Expect

Normally, it takes about 5 days for one person to complete a 1 meter rag which is sold at Ksh7,000. That translates to about Ksh4,500 in net profit. Remember, you can always hire more people to help you speed up production if you have bulk orders with tight deadlines. On a good month you can make Ksh30,000 as an individual and even more if you go for bulk orders. How much you make depends on the number of orders you are able to get and process.

Final Word

The business idea of making shaggy mats teaches us that there is nothing that can stop a person with a determined spirit from achieving greater things in life. Lack of money should not dampen your dreams. Even with as little as Ksh5,000 you can set up Kenya’s next big name in the home decor industry.

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