GUEST: 5 Ways SMB Owners Can Utilize Information Technologies

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Modern information technology systems are complicated, but they can also make a huge difference for a small or medium business. They can save time and space by converting records to digital formats, they can automate repetitive tasks, and help in many other significant ways.

Bringing a business’ IT department up to par does take an investment of time and effort, but it is an investment that can lead to great improvements in the long run.

Digitize Records

Digital records and data storage are the easiest place to get started. Every business accumulates records over time, and those records need to get stored somewhere secure.

Paper records take up a lot of space, which can be expensive in areas with high rent. It can also take a long time to search through them. Digital records are much cheaper, and finding the right file is as easy as telling the computer to search for it.

Managers who learn to use spreadsheets or other tools can also have the computer analyze data after they record it, which can save even more time for businesses that involve working with a lot of data.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing tends to be cheaper than traditional marketing, especially methods that rely on social media. It is also the best way to reach younger consumers, who tend to pay more attention to digital platforms than to televisions and other traditional advertising methods.

The field is fairly young, so it is constantly changing, but a few general rules apply.

Personalization is key. Managers who send out mass emails should always include the recipient’s name, to make sure that it doesn’t look like a form letter.

Short messages also tend to do better than long ones, since the Internet is full of distractions. Finally, it’s important to remember that viral marketing is essentially word of mouth, so messages should be the sort of thing that people want to share and discuss.

Work From Anywhere

More than a fifth of all Americans work from home. Doing so allows employees to stay comfortable while still getting their jobs done. It also saves the business from having to pay for office space for all of its employees.

Telecommuting can save thousands of dollars per employee every year, and all it takes to set it up is a good network to support their connections.

Help Mobile Customers

The number of customers that use mobile phones to access the Internet is constantly increasing. Many of those users do their shopping over the phone.

Those users benefit from access to sites that are designed to be compatible with phones, and providing those sites can lead to a significant sales boost. Designing a mobile-friendly site is complicated, but it’s a sound investment for most businesses.

Get Help for Complex Tasks

The importance and complexity of IT means that many businesses should consider hiring specialized IT workers. Unfortunately, assessing their qualifications is hard for people who don’t understand IT very well themselves, but there is a solution to that problem.

There are dedicated companies that specialize in providing IT workers to small businesses, either for long-term support or to complete specific projects. Many of them can also provide general advice about which IT programs are worthwhile for a business.

Working with an IT staffing company is an easy way for small business owners to get started with information technology, and one that most owners should consider.

IT Matters

Business owners can use IT to bolster their business in a huge variety of ways. That is both a blessing and a curse. It opens up plenty of opportunities, but the sheer variety of options means that dealing with IT is always complicated.

Fortunately, most people can learn how to take advantage of a few of the best options with just a little bit of time and effort. Doing so is certainly worth the work, since it can improve every aspect of an operation.

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