Working Through The Night Can Hurt Your Brain

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October 27, 2016
Importance of sleepStudies say there is nothing to be proud of staying up all-night and working.

You may love your job and you may not mind giving up on sleep for it but remember that it has dire consequences. For one, you will wreck your personal life and there will be absolutely no balance. Secondly, sleep deprivation will have very bad effects on your health. The sad part is that you will see the repercussions of your all-nighters after many years and those repercussions are usually catastrophic.

Why Sleep Is Important

A recent study shows that even if you stay up all night to have fun, the chemistry of your brain will change. Two groups were taken into account: one group slept through the night while the other group stayed up all night watching movies and playing indoor games. Even though they did not stress themselves, the fact that they stayed awake seemed to have adverse effects on them. Proteins that are usually produced when one has a brain injury were produced in the people who did not sleep. This was conclusive proof that lack of sleep directly affects the brain and can lead to neuronal damage in the future. Imagine that if simply watching TV can damage your brain, what would exerting your brain all night do!

Thus, if you want to keep working productively in the years to come you should try getting 8 hours of sleep each day. It may be tough because you have a lot going on but once you start making sleep a priority and not an option, things can change.

If you are among those who get to bed on time but simply can’t fall asleep because your brain is overloaded with information, the following tips can help you:

  1. Keep a notebook on your bedside table: When you can’t sleep and you suddenly have an epiphany or an excellent new thought, simply write it down. Write down everything that is going on in your mind and you will feel relaxed. Sleep will come easier.
  2. Keep your phone away: Take my advice and leave your phone in another room altogether. Switch it off and stuff it out of sight so that you don’t go back to it ‘just to check’.
  3. Make your bedroom sleep friendly: Dim the lights, turn off the TV, have a relaxing conversation with your family, and if you still can’t sleep, read a book.

You will see that all these tips will help you relax, which is very important to be able to fall asleep. Also, it is needless to say that you should give yourself a break from work at night. Nighttime is sleep time.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Studies have proven that everyone must sleep through the night. All-nighters are really bad and they could harm your health in the coming years. Learn to relax yourself when it is time to sleep and empty your mind so that you are not kept awake through the night even when you have nothing to do.

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