Woman, Hold The Microphone and Attract Attention!

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November 24, 2016
small business ideas in KenyaPublic speaking is a vital skill for all entrepreneurs. Right from sharing your small business ideas in Kenya to developing a business strategy and pitching, you have to be able to face an audience. Public speaking may not just point at a whole room full of people waiting to listen. Even a board meeting can be taxing for some people and that is where everything comes tumbling down.

Regardless of how amazing your small business ideas in Kenya are, if you can’t express them confidently, you will have no takers. In our years of research and experience, we noticed that men and women have different styles of speaking to their audience. We also realized that women are generally more nervous and anxious. This may be because they feel dominated by men or it may be purely due to lack of confidence. No matter what the reason, it is time to overcome your fear and to speak to your audience with ease.

Do Not Talk About Yourself

No one really wants to know who you are and when your company began. Today, people have very short attention span and your focus should be only on the main topic. For example, if you are talking about product innovation, you should explain the process and how your company was able to achieve it rather than talk about how enthusiastic you are about it.

Voice – Control Your Pitch and Speed

Women already have sharp voice, some sharper than others. When you get more excited while talking, your voice will become shrill and that can be annoying. Some other women tend to talk very quickly. They either do that out of habit or they do that when they are nervous. If you talk fast, no one will know what you are saying and understanding your business profiling can get very difficult. Hence, we advise you to work on your pitch and speed. Practice it and soon, you will be able to control.

Wear Minimal Jewelry

You don’t need to wear rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other such jewelry for presentations. Some bracelets are too noisy and every time you move your arm, they will tinkle. Some rings need constant rearrangement. All this is extremely distracting and annoying, making people lose focus from your small business ideas in Kenya.

Do Not Flirt

While every professional knows not to flirt during presentations, many women end up doing it inadvertently. Playing with your hair, trying to sound sexy, and other such moves will not help your professionalism.

If you are looking at comprehensive SME development you should know the art of speaking confidently and professionally even in a male dominated world. Please feel free to add any more points to this list!

Entrepreneurial Learning

Public speaking is an important skill that you must master if you want to be taken seriously. Pick up the microphone and show your professionalism to the audience so that they know you are a force to reckon. Be honest, focused, and controlled.

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