Winners – Are they a breed Apart ? Or can Anyone be a Winner?

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December 17, 2016
Business GrowthWe’ve heard the wise words from many a winner- Champions are made and not born. True enough. There is determination, dedication, devotion, passion and true grit behind champion’s claim to the top spot. But is there a formula for this success? Is there a blueprint which can turn every passionate aspirant into winner? Whether in business growth or in sports, there is no sure shot recipe for success.

Every Winner is Unique

When we look around, we find that different people have reached the zenith, the peak, in their own fashion. None of them have followed a well trodden path. They have either made it at the first go and never looked back, or have stumbled in the first attempt, learned from their mistakes and come back with a bang to make the most of their second chances.

Success Breeds Success

Not an inane saying but a proven fact. It has been scientifically proved that success actually has a physiological impact on the chemistry of the brain and makes people and most living beings more confident, smarter, motivated and aggressive, setting the stage for greater accomplishments. By being self confident you can generate success experiences in your brain and gain from it biological benefits. It can make you anticipate success and be more able generate new ideas and build new leadership and business skills.

Try Again- Failure is Fuel for Success

Never buckle down to initial failures. Eventual success can be achieved from the lessons learned from failures. Entrepreneurial failures and setbacks are experiences that can shape much wiser and experienced, business leaders. They would be the ones who have the critical insights to face and win against any situation. An asset which is vital to build and grow start ups. Entrepreneurs who use failure to become more successful are the people who perceive their failure as a learning experience.

Be able to Bounce Back

If you have tripped in your first venture, that’s no reason to stop trying altogether. Not being able to make it the first time teaches you to be open to alternative options to achieve better solutions. It also warns you to be wary of the consequences of certain actions. This is experience isn’t it? Your next effort naturally will be less flashy more focused on the financial part. You will be going out not to impress but to create an impressive product. It will be much easier to launch your next creative idea, and handle the setbacks since experience is on your side. Your brain has been engineered to work out the way to win and most successful people know how to bounce back.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Champions are not born, they are made. To be a winner, you need determination and tenacity to face failure and bounce back again into the fray. Self confidence is a great brain booster and can take you safely through the tough times. Learn from experiences and use them as the foundation for future success.

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