When to show Bad clients the door

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December 10, 2016
Customer Relationship ManagementThat’s life. Not all clients are god’s gifts to your business. Some clients are intolerable, and believe it, its not your bounden duty to serve them. When things get really out of hand,when dealing with difficult clients, its time to step back and survey the situation. Perhaps your client list needs some serious trimming.

This is a catch 22 situation in customer relationship management. A difficult position for which there is no easy possible solution. When you are deciding to fire a client, the ordeal is nerve wracking. Its a question of breaking ties with the client and losing business or keeping the client and losing your sanity.

Fear Not . You’re Not Alone

You are not the first person to chuck a irksome client and neither will you be the last. Everyone has done this some time or the other. Chosen peace of mind over money. But what really is the breaking point? Its the point where you don’t see eye to eye. When a client’s values and point of view disagrees with yours on all fronts, its time to call it quits and cut loose. At least you will be left with peace of mind and the motivation and mindset to focus on people you want to do business with.

What are the Tell Tale Signs

When planning to cut loose form a client there is always a niggling doubt that you may be wrong. No worries. They are symptoms and signs that show you with great clarity, whats best for you. Is the client zapping your energy? Are you in a continual state of stress when dealing with the client? Do you take this burden home and complain to your friends, your partner about the client? Does the very name of the client in your inbox trigger stress syndromes and dread ? Then the client is the one who needs to go. This is as accurate a diagnosis as any doctor would recommend.

Survive to Serve better

Now that you’ve got them off your mind, its time to collect your thoughts and recoup. Taking on tough clients may have been a challenge in running a business but perhaps not good for your as well as your organization’s health. Set yourself a set of values. Be honest, be humble, be hungry be happy. These four H’s will see you through many a sticky situation. All said and done its the overall health of your business that counts.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Organizational health is key to business success. When you are not able to stand tall and are compromised any individual or entity, its time of cut loose with that client. Its safer to be on the look out for warning signs of bad customer relationships. Don’ t let a few bad eggs spoil the brood.

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