Want Great Guidance ? Find yourself a Super Mentor

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December 9, 2016
Business Growth StrategyThey are the gods of small businesses, those inspired individuals who have achieved the highest levels of success. They can be the shining beacons who light up the path of running your business with their vision, wisdom and wealth of resources and contacts. They are The Mentors.

If you are fired with the passion to take your business to great heights, the best thing to do is find yourself a super mentor. Here are some tips to help in your quest

Pinpoint your Need

Sit down and focus your thoughts on your business growth strategy. Which area of the business needs a lift. Is is staffing, is it the finances, is it the production, is it the your lack of customers or is it the business as a whole that needs a makeover. Once you’ve zoomed in on the sore spot, this is where you need the healing balm, the good guidance of a mentor.

Search in Earnest

You may have someone in mind who is the perfect choice, with the right leadership and business skills, but don’t worry if you don’t know anyone. Just look in the right places. Start your search where intellectuals abound. At colleges , universities and corporate companies willing to act as incubators for small business. There’s every chance that there are high profile mentors who are eager to encourage a business just like yours. Look up professors, business leaders and even consultants – meet up with them, ask for some time, 1 out of 5 will agree to meet you.

Become a Sleuth

You have spotted your dream mentor now its time to get in touch. You can’t simply walk up and shake hands. You have to find out more. Get onto Linkedin and research the background. Try to find mutual contacts who can help introduce you. If possible try to find mutual interests, that’s always a great starting point. Does your dream mentor participate in any professional groups, forums, get the entire lowdown. Its the fuel that will ignite your ambition. If he or she is a thought leader ask questions online, dig deeper into their mind.

Go for the Pitch

Make a meeting happen. Attend seminars and other speaking engagements of your mentor. If necessary follow your prospective mentor unobtrusively till you get a chance to make contact. Once you land an opportunity to talk, go for your pitch with as much passion as you can summon. Enthusiasm is contagious. Consent may take time in coming but persist and persuade. Put your case forward boldly and back it up with your plus points. Confidence can chip away even the toughest armor. Reach out till the answer turns to a “yes”

Entrepreneurial Learning

Get in front of the person and show your passion. Passion is attractive and addictive and it will communicate to the prospective mentor in a most positive way. Who knows it may be the beginning of the greatest business relationship in your life.

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