Understand The New Gmail Privacy Settings

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November 9, 2016
Business Policies and ProceduresA few months ago Google came up with new privacy settings for Gmail and some of us are still not aware of them. That is why we have decided to expound upon them for you.

“I have read all the terms and conditions” is the biggest lie we have all told. When we create a Gmail account, we check this box without even thinking about it. When we do this, we give Google the right to change the terms and conditions anytime they want without prior notice. However, more often than not, Google tells what it is doing or at least hints it. We, though, may not give the new business policies and procedures too much attention. That is you should check these small business solutions out.

The Change

You will see that Google has come up with quite a few changes in its privacy policy. The biggest change is that anyone on Google Plus can now send emails to you. Google says that you don’t have to worry about this because the sender will not know your email ID. He will just be able to email you without that information. However, if you reply, they will know your email address. From the small business solutions point of view, this is smart because people will be able to connect with you without hassle and you don’t have to reply if you don’t want to. You can incorporate this in your market expansion strategies as well.

Also, you have the option of reporting abuse or spamming an email if you are not interested and the filters will take charge.

Is This Change Safe?

Many people say that this will encourage spam and Google should have introduced a “Block Sender” option along with this new setting. However, this can serve as a very powerful tool in your business startup tool kit because on Google Plus you’ll now be able to directly contact anyone and get in touch with new clients. You may also find excellent new small business solutions.

KEEP IN MIND: You have been opted in for this new setting by default. If you don’t like it and would like to set your own privacy you should navigate to Settings and change manually. We also recommend that you check your Google Plus account and go through those settings as well.

This new privacy setting can prove to be excellent for your business strategy but it can also be tedious. Be careful about the mails you receive and do not reply unless you are sure about it.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Understand the new Gmail settings and change them if required so that your Google Mail and Google Plus experiences are hassle free. It is advised to stay informed about any and all changes that are made so that they don’t affect you negatively.

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