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May 7, 2015
Business Growth StrategiesWouldn’t you love to be awarded the award for the best corporate culture? Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have a world class business? Well, that’s possible. We have all the tricks in the bag to help you create a great culture and execute your startup business ideas.
Rewards Must Be Personal. They Cannot Be Universal

Employee recognition is vital but you cannot adopt the same way of recognition for every employee. This is because different employees view them differently. Of course, the reason behind universal rewards is to be fair but only a few employees will find these rewards helpful. Others may find it meaningless. Therefore, ensuring that the reward you present actually holds value is crucial.

Openness Starts With You

Among the many business growth strategies is to allow your employees to talk to you as and when they wish to. You may say that your doors are always open for them but that itself will not motivate them to come to you. You have to take the lead and walk out of your office room first. Talk to your employees, ask friendly questions about work, and ask them what help they need from you in terms of resources. Taking the first step is very important.

Make Cultural Fit A Key Criterion During Hiring

You surely take a look at background, experience, skills, etc. when you interview a potential candidate. Do you check whether he/she is a cultural fit? May be not. This is the reason why many employees have a hard time working together even though they are qualified and experienced. Choose candidates who will fit your company culture so that you create a healthy, happy work environment.

Have Your Employees Participate In Culture Actively

Along with taking into consideration their views about startup business ideas, we recommend that you have them participate in culture building as well. This is not the responsibility of just one person. Give them a chance and employees will show that they want to be engaged. Activities together and events from time to time will create a happy, organic culture.

It is important to ensure that your workplace is happy and productive so that employees want to work for you.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Creating a world class culture will help you attract employees and retain your existing ones. This will also help with efficiency and growth. That is why we advise that you take steps to create a culture that is happy and creative.

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