Turn Frustrating into Awesome with a Few Steps

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September 29, 2016
Self motivationSome days are just miserable. You don’t know why but they simply start off badly and you are cranky and irritated all day long.

You wake up and right from that moment nothing goes your way. You mess up even something as simple as brushing your teeth by squeezing a little too much toothpaste or with the foam falling on your clothes. At such times you simply want to dig the earth and stay in there until the day comes to an end. Well, you don’t have to do that. There are a few things you could do to convert such a frustrating day into a great one.

Appreciate what you Have

The amount of satisfaction appreciation brings is tremendous. Simply sit down, extract a book, and start writing down every accomplishment in your life to-date. Go back and think of how you have grown in the past couple of years and how you are on a trajectory to success. That will instantly make you feel better.

Indulge in Beauty

Define beauty in your own way – music, a walk in the park, watching videos, spending time with pets, writing, art, etc. Indulge in any of these and lift your spirits.

Finish One Task

Even though you don’t feel like doing anything, push yourself into completing a minimum of one task. Ensure that you see it through. It doesn’t have to be a tedious task. It just has to be important. Doing this successfully will boost your confidence and will make you feel better.

Do Something that has been in your Mind for a Long Time

Write down a few things that you have always had in your mind but never ended up executing. It could be anything from taking a trip to putting an idea into practice. Now, use the Internet to find out how you can give wings to your desire.


Learning brings with it joy and happiness. When you are frustrated, down, and out learning will help you look at the brighter side of the day. Learn the basics of programming or learn French (or any other language) – it is completely up to you.

Say Thank You

There are definitely many people in your life that influenced you, supported you, helped you, took care of you when you needed it the most, and so on. Take this moment to say thank you to one or two of them. Send a text message or an email. You could make a call as well. Saying these two words will definitely help you light up.

Small steps like this will enable you to put the frustration behind and approach your day in a positive manner.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Every once in a while you will wake up hating the entire world. You will be frustrated and cranky but that doesn’t mean you let these feelings overcome you. Be grateful, appreciate life, indulge in something beautiful, and things will start looking up.

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