Tips to Keeping your Startup Employees Engaged

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January 18, 2016
Employee EngagementYou hire employees to keep them engaged, don’t you? In the initial stages you might find that challenging.

Starting up comes with plenty of twists and turns. You never know what may happen. Sometimes you have lots of work to do and at the other times you have nothing to do. Once you hire a group of employees it is your responsibility to keep them engaged. Engaged employees are usually motivated employees. As the leader, you should also ensure that their enthusiasm is always at the peak and there are a few things you can do in that regard.

Each Employee is Valuable

All your employees must know that they are valuable members. Learn to trust them and delegate responsibilities effectively. Give them the authority to make a decision or two, too. That will make them realize that they are valued. That realization will in turn motivate them to be engaged and give their hundred percent.

Be Transparent

Your employees should know what is going on, where the money is coming from, and where it is going. Of course, you can’t give away every detail in the book but it is always ideal to be as open as possible. Your employees will appreciate the fact they are a part of the plan. Also, when they know everything about the plan they will be able to work with it in a much better way.


Reviewing and providing feedback is very important. Acknowledge great performances and look to improve any loopholes. Encourage and work with your employees so that they improve positively. Reprimanding them will not take you anywhere. Support your employees at all times.

Take Promises Seriously

Promises are NOT meant to be broken, especially in the business world. Even if the promise is a small one it is your duty to ensure that you see it through. Also, if you are uncertain about something it is advisable that you do not commit to it at all.

The Environment Must be Productive

A boring, strict, and sad-looking workplace will not encourage your employees to work. The workplace must be lively and happy. The workplace environment must be open to ideas and suggestions from everyone. Team building is also vital and you should take time out for that regularly. Boring activities will make your employees shy away. Fun activities will encourage them to come forward.

Show Gratitude

Your employees are working relentlessly for you. You should acknowledge that. A simple thank you can take you a long way.

Keep your employees engaged and happy no matter what!

Entrepreneurial Learning

To keep your employees engaged and enthusiastic during the start up days, you have to put in some effort. Make them a part of your plan and show them that you value them. Create a work-family so that everyone is happy and automatically more productive.

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