Tips for Non-Tech Founders – Learn How to Talk to Programmers

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September 11, 2016
Technical communicationsCommunication is key but what happens when you have to talk to programmers?

If you have a technical background, talking to programmers will not be a problem. However, many founders have no knowledge about the programming world. How do they communicate? If communication itself is difficult, how do they hire programmers? Wrong choices will, of course, affect the company negatively and that is why there is no trial and error option. What do you do then? How does a non-tech person talk to a tech expert?

Taking a Peek into the Tech World

There are a few basic technical terms that you can learn and understand, to start off with. This is very important because in the world of programming, even small mistakes can be very irritating to the expert. You mess one thing up and the programmer will not even want to talk to you anymore. Programmers are very particular about precision and that is obvious because a computer will not accept a command that is not precise.

Learn the basic words and terms, thus.

Learning How to Talk to a Programmer

This will come in handy when you hire a programmer and have no knowledge about programming. Of course, it would be ideal to add someone with programming knowledge in the hiring committee but when you have absolutely no one to rely upon, there are a few steps to follow. First and foremost, simply reject anyone from whom you don’t get a positive vibe. There are plenty of programmers out there and you don’t have to compromise. After you are through with this step, follow the following:

  • Go through references and talk to their previous employers. Take into account what they have to say about the particular candidate.
  • Check their work and ask them questions about it. Complex pages require the combined work of two or three programmers. Therefore, you should know what the candidate’s contributions were. If he says he did the whole web page by himself, chances are that he is lying. Be careful.
  • There is no need to get worried. Of course the programmer is smart. But, aren’t you smart as well? Sure, you are.

This might seem like hard work but when you find the right programmer for your company, you will definitely rejoice.

Entrepreneurial Learning

If you don’t have knowledge about programming, talking to a programmer can be daunting especially while hiring. There is no need to freak out, though, because there are solutions to this. You simply need to learn rudimentary programming so that you don’t come across as ignorant. Plus, assessing candidates based on their past performance and work will help you cross the line.

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