Three Tips to Tweeting it Right

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September 21, 2016
Social NetworkingTwitter is a mega-platform today. It gives you exposure, it helps you connect, and it helps you grow your network.

Twitter is a social media platform that will enable you to market your products and services with utmost ease. We all know that online marketing is more about sharing quality content. However, how can you increase the chances of the content spreading over the Internet? That depends on the platform you are using. You can’t apply on Twitter, the steps you use on Facebook,.

Listed below are three easy steps of Tweeting successfully:

Understand When Retweets are more Frequent

It is all about timing here. Statistics suggest that people are more likely to retweet over the weekend because they are off work and spend more time online. During the weekdays, they are more likely to retweet during the lunch break and during after hours (10 p.m. to 11 p.m.). Thus, you should take this into consideration when you post content.

Tweeting often on Sundays will also increase chances of retweets because more people will be online. Therefore, make a list of ideal timings according to the day in question and then start Tweeting content accordingly.

Aim to Connect

Don’t try to be too formal when it comes to Tweeting. Tweet like a teenager, experts say, because casual Tweets have the tendency to connect with the audience. For example, using more exclamation marks will attract eyes and the chances of retweets will increase. Studies show that using anywhere between 6 and 9 exclamation marks can increase chances of retweets significantly.

Go ahead; bring some emotion into your Tweets. Use the power of exclamations and make your Tweet illustrative.

Tweet Pictures

Graphics are always more appealing. That is why it is a good idea to post a picture with the link or content that you want to share. Pictures are considered highly effective on all platforms and Twitter is no exception in this case. Use catchy and relevant images and experts say that this will triple the retweeting chances.

You can see that following simple steps will enable you to use Twitter to the fullest. Social media marketing is no rocket science. It only needs simple strategies and illustration to do the trick for you. Speaking of content, we’d like to remind you that content is highly important. Unless your content is top-notch, relevant, interesting, and interactive, you can’t expect retweets.

Bottom-line is that excellent content and simple Tweeting tactics will empower your social media marketing campaign.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Twitter is more than just posting random Tweets. If you really want Twitter to work for you, you should get the timing of Tweets right and you should ensure that you post relevant content.

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