Things You Cannot Ignore when Setting up Your Business Network

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October 5, 2014
Business NetworkingGet the Right Software

If you are an entrepreneur going in for technology for the first time, or upgrading existing systems, your most important consideration should be, which software your business will use. It is common today that most businesses use vertical market software that has been developed and customized for the needs of the specific industry for their business network. So if you need a specific software for your business, you will have to plan for the supporting hardware and networking equipment.

Plan for the Users

You will need to plan beforehand, how many people will be using the network so that you can arrange for user licenses, requirements of storage, cabling for the network and the hardware or devices. You should also keep in mind whether customers will be allowed to access your wireless network and website. Software licenses are generally provided as a combination of per server, per device, per user, or for a number of users . You can opt for the combination that suits you best.

Plan for your Hardware

You will have to assess how many desktops you will need now and in the near future for your business network plan to be effective. Would you need to support smart phones, wireless laptops and smart phones. Will there be a need to include network printers, fax and scanners? When planning for network cabling all these factors need to be taken into account in addition to the network switches and the routers or wireless access points .

Make Provision for Telecommuting

If your website is going to be hosted on your network or if your employees need to access sensitive data in your network securely, from a remote location , you will need to have a business class of firewall protection or a VPN access device. In this area, you will need the help of a professional.

Use Professional Software and Hardware

Never prefer editions of hardware and software designed for Home usage. These have their limitations and you will end up having to spend more in the long run. If you start with business class hardware and software they will be compatible to your professional security and networking requirements. A quality 16 or 24 port, business class network switch will offer better performance and dependability than a patch up of small home networking switches.

Hire at least one tech savvy professional

All the above advice would be falling on deaf ears, if there is no one who knows about networking and has knowledge about business software. Having a networking professional on your team will help you meet the business network’s needs and upgrade as your business grows. A professional will configure your specific business software, and also train your employees, besides keeping your IT costs down.

Entrepreneurial Learning

When opting to upgrade the technology in your business and planning to reinforce your business network systems, consult a professional and install the right hardware and software which is required for a business of your size with provision for scalability. Have a professional as part of your team , to ensure systems run smoothly.

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