The Trick to Ensuring that your Employee Feedback is Effective

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October 16, 2016
Employee feedbackJust like you want constructive feedback from your customers, employees look for constructive feedback from you.

Feedback can’t always be positive. Things go wrong every now and then, and you have to tell your employees how to rectify their mistakes and do better. It is your responsibility to also help your employees act according to the feedback and improve their performance. While positive feedback directly has a positive effect, negative feedback can be tricky. It can disappoint your employees, discourage them, and may be even lead them to give up completely. That impact is not what you are looking for, of course. You want your employees to learn from their mistakes, understand your feedback, and become more productive. In order for you to have this influence you have to be able to choose your words very carefully.

Some leaders don’t care about the feedback they give and are generally very harsh. While some employees cope up and move on, others don’t. Continued harsh criticism leads to lower productivity, which in turn leads to a lot of problem for the company itself. Surely, you don’t want to follow suit. That is why you should give feedback in such a way that it encourages your employees even if it is on the negative side. As aforementioned, the words you choose matter.

You can use this trick while giving positive feedback as well but it works wonders with negative feedback. Say someone did not provide quite well in the previous month. You have to bring that to his or her attention through feedback. However, simply saying it will not do the trick for you. Saying it nicely and positively certainly will. Experts, after an extensive study, say that you ought to use “high expectations” and “I am sure you are capable” and “I trust that you can do much better” and other such words to help in ways that no other type of feedback can. Thus, it is advisable that you say (and mean) that you have high expectations from the particular employee and you know he or she has the potential to exceed your expectations. That is the reason why you are giving him or her this feedback.

Why do these words help, though? Well, they connect with the employee instantly. At the same time, they help them feel special because they know that you don’t have ‘high expectations’ from everyone. They also feel worthy. Whenever you manage to establish a connection with your employees, you will automatically manage to influence them positively.

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Ensure proper impact of your employee feedback by using constructive and encouraging words in your feedback. Speak of having high expectations and also of having faith in your employees. Connect with them and they will definitely take you seriously.

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