The Big Breakthrough – Is it Hard work or Luck

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December 11, 2016
Business GrowthSometime life hands you lemons. Nothing seems to go right. You’ve put in sweat and toil but you are still tearing at your hair. This is where you wish for a breakthrough. The critical event that can lift you up and take you forward . Luck may be part of it but good fortune smiles on those go out looking for it. Catalysts for breakthroughs come in many forms. It may be introductions to key people in your industry, to investors, manufacturers or a major corporate client. But believe it, the vast majority of them come from changes in attitude and really tough personal choices.

Every Start up Needs a Push up

Its ironical but a non avoidable fact. One starts off as entrepreneur to be independent, to be self sufficient, one’s own boss, but in almost all cases this happens only with the help of others. In first few months of misery and toil, when tenacity is tested, you are not the confident boss you imagined. You are the one making the humble request. The one reaching out for a sale to customer, trying to convince a distributor or seeking an investment wherever possible. No business can truly be a one man show and its knowing the scenarios that can lift you out, that will help you make the breakthrough. Its the turning point that every entrepreneur should actually work towards.

Don’t be shy to make a request

Your opportunity will not come looking for you. Business growth requires to connect with others, build relationships and communicate your enthusiasm. Be honest, be frank but let your request for help reach the recipient. Being bashful does not work out for an entrepreneur. Sometimes necessity is the mother of geniality and in a hard pressed situation one has go out and ask. It can often bring in that big investment you have been looking for or help you find that ‘angel investor’.

Find One Big Customer

Many small businesses have climbed the ladder of success with the winning business strategy of serving one big client. This is more suitable for consumer products and the service industry as meeting the demands of the influential big time client will not only grow the business but also bring in new clients, perhaps big names too. This has been a time-tested method for success. Ride the one big break carefully, confidently and you can say you have made it!

The Right Mentor- Can be your Savior

The vagaries of business, the ups and the downs have taught us that right guidance at the right time can make a big difference. When to trying break the barrier into larger markets, good advice and direction to proceed assumes utmost importance. Mentors with their rich experience and market knowledge can provide access to high level marketing opportunities and thus open the channels to success.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Never assume that the big break won’t come your way. Work towards making it happen with persistence and determination. Don’t shy away from asking, try to attract at least one big client and seek mentors advise and influence in tough times. Be prepared for the opportunity when fortune favors you.

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