The Best Question to Ask your Interview Candidates

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September 19, 2016
Best Interview QuestionsWe all know what the common interview questions are. We all also know that most candidates memorize answers for commonly asked questions, which means that assessing them and understanding them is more difficult than ever.

Candidates today prepare as much as possible for their interview. They research questions that are usually asked, look through the Internet for the best answers, memorize them, and walk into the interview room, ready to parrot it all out. This is a major setback for companies because they simply can’t assess candidates for who they are anymore. Answers to questions need to be spontaneous so that the recruiter understands the thinking processes, the caliber, and other traits of the candidate. Recruiters now have to go an extra mile to come up with good [various] questions to ask the interviewees. However, there is one question that can reveal everything.

“How do you plan on motivating your juniors and workers?”

This question can speak a lot about the candidate. Of course, there is just one correct answer to this question: you motivate only when through your actions. Encouraging workers through words barely has any impact when compared to the encouragement that action provides. For example, if you see your workers struggle to complete a task that has been haunting them for days, simply passing by and patting their backs won’t help the case. Roll up your sleeves and offer a hand. That would definitely help them.

Therefore, no matter what position you are at, even if you are the top, helping is the best way to motivate your workers. Of course, this doesn’t mean you always leave your own responsibilities behind and do their tasks for them. This applies when there is the need for motivation and encouragement. When the pressure is high and there is too much work to do, make an effort to understand that pressure, and lend a helping hand. Offer solutions; make your workers think, and act with them to get the work done. If they are staying after hours to do something, order some tea for everyone, and stay back with them so that they know that you appreciate it. This is how you motivate your workers.

Therefore, if you find an interviewee who comes up with this answer, you know you shouldn’t let him or her go at any cost; you know that you are interviewing a winner.

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If you are having trouble thinking of the best questions to understand job candidates, you should know that just one question would speak volumes about them. Ask them what their ideas of motivating others are.

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