The art of networking neatly summed up in 3 rules

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July 2, 2015
Business NetworkingBusiness networking is all about the mind. It is about connecting with the mind and building a relationship that you can take outside the event or conference.

We have heard so many different rules and suggestions about business communication that we are often confused. Thankfully, experts have tied them down into three simple rules that you can easily apply and network like a true professional. Let us take a look at these rules:

Networking should be a friendly approach

Apparently, people who approached business networking as a professional activity did not really have positive things to say about it. However, people who approached it as a friendly conversation were more at ease. Thus, we advise you to think of business networking as a friendship activity. The only difference is that you are making friends in the industry.

In other words, you should preferably treat your business connections like people and be normal. It is easy to forget that we all have lives when we meet up at a world class business event. Listen carefully to what the other person is saying and ask questions to keep the conversation going.

Understand yourself and the value you bring to the conversation

Business networking is two-way. You shouldn’t underestimate yourself. You can bring a lot of value to the conversation. Own your value and show confidence. That is how the other person will know that connecting with you can be mutually beneficial. You should be confident enough to know that you are someone people would want to know about and connect with.

If you are having difficulty with this, we advise you to sit down and find your self-worth before attending a business networking event.

It is all about strategic planning, my friend!

In business networking, it is the quality that matters. You may network with a hundred people but if the end result brings no value to you, having such a large network is basically a waste. That is why you should be strategic about it. Do not network randomly and stupidly. Work towards pinpointing to people who will help you grow, understand your skills, and more.

You will know in the beginning itself whether you are really interested in what the person does. If the answer is positive, you can go ahead and nourish the connection. If not, there is no need for you to waste time.

How have you been growing your business network?

Entrepreneurial Learning

The essentials of business networking can be neatly summed up in 3 rules. It is always quality over quantity, which is why you should aim at strategically networking after bringing your self-worth on the table as well.

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