Stop Wasting Time During Interviews

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October 31, 2016
Interview SkillsDifferent companies have different ways of judging candidates during interviews. While some ask insightful questions that make their assessment easier, others ask crazy questions and waste time.

You surely want to hire the best candidates for the given job description. That does not mean that you ask crazy questions and choose only those who are able to answer them. Crazy questions here directly mean brainteasers. Research has actually found that brainteasers show or prove nothing. It has become clear that brainteasers and tricky questions do nothing to show how capable an interview candidate is.

Google is one of the most famous companies who started this trend of asking tricky brainteasers, saying that these will help assess a candidate’s ability to think quickly and creativity. They said that they would be able to see if a person can think out of the box and make informed decisions even when times are tough. However, Google has stopped doing this now. The company seems to have realized that such questions do not help at all. In fact, the exec for Google went on record to talk about this and said that they predicted nothing and did not help them choose the best.

Furthermore, Google has accepted that brainteasers simply waste time, which is why they have stopped asking such questions. Candidates simply despise these questions and besides that, the answers to these questions generally leak. That nullifies the whole point of asking the same questions to candidates and, of course, you simply can’t expect to keep coming up with a different set of brainteasers for each candidate. Google also acknowledged that research on these questions did not find any positive results. The results were highly inconclusive and questionable. This means that you can’t affirmatively say that being able to solve a brainteaser is proof that the person has better IQ or that he or she will perform better than the others.

Therefore, the bottom-line is that brainteasers are plain fun and I don’t think you want to have fun while interviewing your candidates. Interviews are serious and must be conducted with seriousness, keeping the job description and your requirements in mind.If an interviewer persists with brainteasers, it is probably because he likes feeling superior or smart.

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Interviews are conducted to assess the skills of candidates and not for interviewers to feel smarter and more accomplished. This is the reason why experts advise that you stop asking brainteasers and replace them with insightful questions that will help you understand your applicants.

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