Six Simple Steps to Becoming a More Confident You

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December 26, 2016
Business ConfidenceThe key element that is responsible for boosting your confidence is to build competence. This means anything that improves your performance, your abilities, your skills, your knowledge, your resourcefulness and your relationships. People who have conquered all odds and made it big, are the living examples of business confidence. The task of building confidence never ends. Here are some tips to keep confidence levels high

Ask others’ opinion about your performance

If you want to be confident, you have to be brave too. You need the courage to face the facts about yourself. You should be prepared to hear the positive as well as the negative feedback and make changes. It may seem uncomfortable at first but it will strengthen your confidence,

Don’t Rush it!

Confidence can’t be built overnight so take the time and nurture new skills, learn new things, increase your knowledge and explore new areas of interest. Learning more about them, one thing at a time, will not only make you competent but the skill will become a habit and an asset. Building business confidence is a slow and steady process which has won many a race.

Talk Less- Listen More

Listening comes with a host of advantages. When you listen you not only learn more but you are also able to detect the blind spots, the weaknesses in others. When you talk a lot, people are prone to pinpoint your flaws too. If your role is that of a leader, the higher you go up the ladder of success, the more you must listen.

Improve Continually

When you have completed a task, review it minutely. Use the ‘Stop, Start, Keep’ method to evaluate. Find out the flaws, the things that did not go well. Stop doing them. Think about the things you could have done which would have helped bring better results (Start) and consider those things that went well. Keep these. Evaluating and improving your performance in this manner will soon build business confidence and competence of highest levels.

Surround yourself with the best people

Have people around you who reinforce your confidence. Make sure that they contribute to your energy instead of draining it. They should be positive and truthful and have goals similar to yours to succeed. You should be able to connect with them totally and they with you. In such an environment talent flourishes and confidence grows both ways.

Make Good Decisions

Ask the right questions and get answers. After you have gathered information of more than 80 percent about what you want to know, make your decision based on this information. Let go of the fear that you may be wrong, be strong in the belief that you have every chance of being right. To develop good judgment, you have to experience some bad decisions too. Experience teaches you perfection, and business confidence, so don’t turn back.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Individual competence and business confidence to win people over, to take your business forward needs to be built by being positive, patient, ready to learn and adapt and keeping yourself in the company of positive people. Be decisive and learn to make good decisions, review your growth objectively to bring out the best in you.

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