Simple Tips to Getting Organized with Ease

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September 20, 2016
Business organizationOrganization at a workplace directly facilitates productivity.

Small things can be highly distracting including junk emails and a scattered desk. Organization is easy and you don’t have to sweat so much over it. It is not expensive either. You don’t need to invest in expensive organizational products to get things in order. A blend of patience and time is all that is needed here. Listed below are a few ‘free’ tips that will help you organize better:

Ensure that your Goals are Realistic

Your goals are your driving force. They guide you each and everyday. This is the reason why experts always say that you should keep them realistic. Unrealistic goals are not achievable and they will only cause a lot of strain because you know that they are nigh impossible. Your goals should inspire you into staying focused.

Use a Calendar

There are plenty of calendar apps that you can download. In fact, even a desk calendar is enough. What you use is not important here. Consistency in use is what matters here. Put down appointments, meetings, events, etc. neatly on the calendar and you will easily be organized.


You should begin your day with prioritization. The first 20 minutes of your day, you should be by yourself, sifting through tasks, and prioritizing. Don’t let anything or anyone distract you during these few minutes. Do this everyday and your days will be more focused and less distracted.

List Out your Priorities

From the task that is of highest priority to the task that is of lowest priority, make a list. Start with number one and get it done. You may think that you can do this without bothering with a list but before going any further ask yourself how many times you have procrastinated an important task to do something less important first. You will have your answer.


If your desk is not organized, you will not be productive. Remove at least an hour every week to take care of all the paperwork and folders. File them neatly, tuck the paperwork that you don’t immediately require away, and clear up space on your desk. You will automatically be more focused on your tasks.
When you can do so much without wasting a dime and gain so much back, isn’t it worth the effort?

Entrepreneurial Learning

The key to productivity is organization. Learn to organize your workspace and your goals as well as your tasks each day so that you are more focused. Controlling progress will also be easier when you are organized.

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