Shun Bureaucracy and Encourage Innovation

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October 11, 2016
Encourage InnovationOne of the simplest ways of encouraging innovation is the keep bureaucracy at bay.

With growth come added responsibilities. The more you grow, the more success you will see, and the more responsibilities you will have. However, with growth you have to think about your employees and your team. Bureaucracy will come into place at some point or the other. Will this move hamper creativity? May be it will.

With bureaucracy, there are so many rules, constraints, and procedures that come into place that creativity automatically gets overshadowed. No longer can your employees do things ‘their way’ because they have plenty of rules and procedures to adhere to. This is where innovation takes a hit and when that happens, growth slows down. Today, not many employees will work with you or for you if you don’t give them the opportunity or lenience to use their innovative ideas. A recent survey revealed that most job seekers said they would not prefer to work in a place where creativity is stifled. They’d much rather leave and start innovating elsewhere. Surely, that is not what you want. This is why you pay special attention to what is going on within your four walls while your company sees growth and expansion.

Listed below are tips to help you retain your employees:

Let Them Be and Let Them Do Things Their Way

In short, give your employees the opportunity to innovate. If they want to do things differently, let them do so. Don’t give your innovators managing positions because that position can easily stifle their passion. They will get caught up with their management duties and innovation won’t come. Of course, we are not saying that you shouldn’t promote.

We are advising you to promote carefully.

Minimize Bureaucracy

Yes, it is understood that bureaucracy is needed because it makes management easier but your company shouldn’t be so overpowered with it that everything else (read creativity) takes a backseat. Don’t forget that the reason why you started growing in the first place was agility. Don’t impede that now that you are on your path to success.


With growth, the number of employees in your organization will increase. It is important that you promote networking and interact between various departments so that the entire team is motivated and ideas are exchanged among your employees. That is how the internal environment will be sound and that is how you will grow further.

While bureaucracy is very important, it is even more important not to allow it to overshadow creativity.

Entrepreneurial Learning

When your business starts growing bureaucracy becomes vital for the proper functioning of your business. However, it so happens that bureaucracy tends to stifle innovation. As the leader you have to be very careful about this so that your innovators don’t walk out of the door due to lack of opportunity.

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