Should you Connect with Strangers on LinkedIn?

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August 26, 2016
Linkedin ConnectionsConnecting with strangers on social media is frowned upon.

If you attempt to connect with someone on social media, you will be asked a number of questions. People want to know how you know them and why you want to connect. People will want you to remind them when you met and how you know them. This means that as a general rule, people don’t like it when a stranger connects with them. However, connecting with strangers could actually prove to be extremely beneficial especially on a platform that brings business professionals together i.e. LinkedIn.

The most common reasons for people staying away from strangers include spam messages and the thought that adding everyone will diminish your value as a businessperson. These reasons may be true to an extent but surely, every businessman will agree that networking is very important. Only when you connect and widen your network will you be able to find prospective clients, customers, and partners as well.

Remember that LinkedIn is a place for business people. It is where you find others like you and connect with them. However, LinkedIn plays both ways. On one side it actually encourages you to add everyone on your Google list and email list and on the other side it strictly tells you not to connect to strangers. In case someone complains about you to LinkedIn, saying that you are trying to connect to a stranger, LinkedIn will directly take action and require you to provide the email address of the person you try to connect with thereafter. This actually means that you shouldn’t go around connecting with every random person you come across. If you connect with someone who you think relates to you and will be a good connection, you can go ahead.

To avoid any questions and messages about who you are and why you want to connect, send a personalized message along with the invitation so that the person understands what and why you are trying to say. Make sure you send a precise message explaining yourself so that the person decides whether he or she wants to connect with you.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to connect to potential customers, employees, clients, and partners. You may even find potential investors on LinkedIn. Don’t miss that opportunity by restricting yourself. Expand your network sensibly and you will definitely be able to grow. There is no rule against connecting with strangers.

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There is nothing wrong with making connections with strangers on LinkedIn. If you find someone worthwhile you don’t need to restrain yourself. Be clear about your connection intentions and send the invite.

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