Segeni Ng’ethe

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September 12, 2012

Segeni Ng’ethe is the founder and the CEO of MamaMikes and all the companies within it such as Kikwe,Channel Safari,and Hapa TV. In spite of a busy schedule he still manages to find time to do programming. He is very social, understanding, and open to new ideas for development. He oversees the progress of all the projects and always boosts the morale of his employees which pushes them on.

Mama Mikes is a Nairobi based business that was founded in 2001.It has adopted a unique approach for facilitating incoming remittances of Kenyans living abroad. Sending money or gifts from other countries to Kenya is both difficult and expensive, but Mama Mikes has found a solution to this problem by extending love and help to family, friends and others still living at home in East Africa. Their website allows customers to order vouchers from prominent Kenyan supermarkets such as Nakumatt and Uchumi, and do a host of online activities such as buying cellular airtime for loved ones, paying electricity bills or school fees, ordering electronics, and give culturally relevant gifts such as a goats, cakes, and flowers .

The company’s philosophy is to constantly cater to a reliable, personalized customer service for the betterment of Kenyans all over the world.

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