Remembering Strong Passwords In A Simple Way

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November 7, 2016
Small Business SustainabilityIt is very important to create a strong password because you need keep your small business solutions secure. You have business policies and procedures, finances, and other such elements that need to be secure. However, this fuss about creating strong passwords is going over the top. Every site recommends that you build a very strong password and some sites mandate that you use numbers, capitals, and other such elements to ensure that your password is secure. The problem comes when you have to remember all these complex passwords.

Not all of us can remember our passwords and password retrieval can be very taxing. This is why some of us tend to do stupid things such as setting the same password for every single account. That has the potential of eternal doom because if someone hacks one of your accounts, all your accounts will be compromised.

To help you with that, we have a few small business solutions in this aspect:

Use A Password Manager

A good password manager will remember all your complicated passwords with ease. These password managers do the job of creating passwords for all your accounts and keeping them safe. The passwords are always encrypted and stored safely in databases. Your job will be to remember the main password and you won’t have to bother about any other account after that.

Use A Passphrase

While using a password manager is sensible you can’t use it for a few accounts such as your PC login. That is why you will do well to use passphrases. Passphrases are nothing but sentences. Using an entire sentence as a password will ensure you remember it and that it is secure. This is an excellent strategy for human resource management. Make sure you use capital letters, too, though. “Kuza Biashara is Number 1”is an excellent password. If you can remember it, we advise you to play around with spelling. May be you could use your chat language so that it is easier for you. Also, spelling something wrong will enable you to remember it better especially if you are a Grammar Nazi.

These two tips will help you create secure passwords and remember them as well. We advise that for finance management and other reasons, you use password managers while for places where using a manager is not an option you go for passphrases for excellent small business sustainability.

Do you have a trick to remember your complex passwords? We’d love for you to share the tricks with us!

Entrepreneurial Learning

One of the most important small business solutions is remembering a password. The need for secure passwords is growing but because of that, remembering passwords is getting difficult. That is why you should use passphrases or password managers. These will ease your problems of passwords.

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