Reasons Why A CEO Must Be On LinkedIn

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October 30, 2016
Social NetworksOver the Internet, LinkedIn is definitely the place for every CEO to be.

So you really don’t like social media and you consider it a waste of time – you are not the only CEO (or CFO or CIO). There are many who don’t like the whole idea and are, hence, not available on any social media platform. While it may be quite okay to be absent from Facebook and it is slightly okay to be absent from Twitter, it is totally unacceptable to be absent from LinkedIn. Experts say that LinkedIn is actually an absolute must for every CEO and others in the C-league today.

Here’s why:

With LinkedIn You Can Hire In Another State/Country

If you want to stay local, this won’t concern you. You can simply reach out to people you know and/or find a recruiter that you trust to help you with the hiring process. However, at some point you will want to spread your business. If you plan on spreading it to another country or state, hiring can be a major problem. This is where LinkedIn comes in.

With this social media site for professionals, you can scan through various resumes and make your pick with ease in a particular location.

With LinkedIn You Can Increase Your Visibility

Remember that LinkedIn serves many more purposes than solely hunting for good employees. You will be judged by the information on your profile including your bio, your entire team’s bios, and all the new hires. Your visibility and your credibility will be affected directly. That is the reason why staying up-to-date on LinkedIn is quite important.

With LinkedIn You Can Be Informed About Your Connections

LinkedIn Today is the feature that will help you here. With this feature you can stay informed about which of your connections is interested in what. You can, therefore, keep a track of everyone within minutes. Simply going through the headlines will enable you to understand everything.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you will lose out on exposure and so many other factors. It is almost like not having a website for your company at all. Take the cue and create your profile. Start establishing connections and become prominent with ease.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Like it or not, your presence on social media is very important. You may ignore Facebook and Twitter but ignoring LinkedIn is highly unacceptable today because it is a professional network and an excellent platform to grow, to expand, and to stay informed.

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