Ready to Go After Bigger Business – Use these Infallible tips

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December 16, 2016
Business Growth StrategiesIt is a fact that every big business was a small entity at some point of time . It is also true that they would have stayed small if it were not for some big ideas. But how do you think big when you are in fact a small business and struggling with the limitations small businesses face . Its all about the way you perceive things and your attitude. Believe that you can achieve your dream, trust your capability and move out of your comfort zone…Here are some tips that can keep you going…

Begin with Caution

Don’t throw caution to the winds. When attempting to bring in big business don’t’ lose your focus. Have a firm hold on your existing mid size clients and accounts who are the foundation for your business growth strategies . It will help you to have something to fall back on, in case your attempt to bag a large client doesn’t work out. Your existing small client base is your bread and butter. Handle with care.

Identify Who’s Who

When you have identified a big account which you are confident you have the capacity to serve, your next step would be to find out who is at the top. The decision makers. Do your homework about the company and its goals. How can you help them with your product or service? If you can, approach the CEO or President of the company directly. An interaction will give you clarity on the functioning and ethos of the organization. If you manage to convince the top levels, you are more than half way through to driving your profitability through the business link up.

Network in the Organization

The company is likely to assign a set of people to deal with your business. Network with them be the most responsible representative of your business. Build good relationships with everyone related to your account, be it the receptionist , the manager or the president himself. These contacts come in very useful at any given point of time or at any location, where business may take you. Furthermore they can recommend your services to others too. Nothing can outdo networking.

Be quick to Solve Problems

Problems sometimes are opportunities in disguise. It gives you the chance to focus on putting forth your valuable ideas, finding solutions and if possible stand out from the competition. Interact with the sales force, discuss customer buying patterns and understand them. If you are able to provide real world solutions, to existing loopholes, you will be considered indispensable.

Be an Insider -An ambassador

When servicing a big client, concentrate solely on what the bigger company sells. Find out who is the competition? Are there any roadblocks? Is there a faster channel of growth for the company’s products. This keen sales focus can turn you into an asset for the bigger company.

Entrepreneurial Learning

If you are certain you can add value to a big client, follow the account with persistence and if you can make yourself indispensable though your services and products, and if it turns out to be a mutually rewarding proposition, stay with it. If your effort outweighs the value, then move on.

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