Quick Tips To Save Battery Power

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November 5, 2016
Small Business ManagementOur smartphones are smart in every way except one: the battery.

We love our smartphones, tablets, and laptops and we can barely think of life without them. However, when you are doing something important and the battery dies, it can get really frustrating. It has so happened that many SMEs have had to compromise their small business solutions for this exact reason. Sometimes, when you are in the meeting and you are speaking of or presenting something important, your battery gives up on you. You have no other option but to wait for it to charge enough to at least turn on.

While you can use the laptop while it is getting charged, using phones while charging is not advisable. On the flipside, it would not be feasible to charge the phone every few hours. What if you get an important call when you are charging it? You will have to unplug, use, and then charge again. That can compromise the battery powerand your phone will die out quicker than it usually does. If you are in the middle of discussing business strategy with your partner or if you are remotely engaging in small business management, such hindrances can really be painful. Thus, to keep them at bay, we have a few small business solutions for you:

Charge Your Phone Before It Dies Out Completely

Until recently, it was advised that you let your phone’s battery drain completely before charging it. You shouldn’t do that anymore. These days, batteries are made of lithium ion and these batteries can be charged earlier as well. In fact, if you wait until the battery dies completely, you’ll reduce its life. Thus, when the percentage goes down to 20 or maximum, 10%, you should put it to charge.

Unplug As Soon As It Is Charged

Some people have the habit of charging their phones through the night. As a result, the phone keeps charging even after it is fully charged. This practice reduces battery life. As soon as you see that the battery if fully charged, you must unplug it.

Make Sure The Battery Does Not Overheat

Batteries can overheat at times, especially in cars and badly ventilated rooms in summer. This can cause problems. Some phones may even stop working due to this. Thus, you should make sure your battery does not overheat. If it does, just leave the phone alone for a while until it cools down.

Such small business solutions in relation with gadgets can be very useful in the long run. During business planning and when you are travelling, you won’t have to deal with a dead phone and live like a nomad if you follow these steps. If you have any more suggestions for driving profitability to your business, please feel free to share in the comments section.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Smartphones generally have short lifespan but you can extend it or save the power by following a few very simple steps. Paying attention while charging the phone will help you preserve the battery.

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