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October 21, 2016
Content PromotionToo many people concentrate on creating great content but they forget that promoting is just as important.

Most entrepreneurs ask experts to give them tips about creating great content because they think that is the only thing they need in order to attract audience. However, they forget that unless you promote your content and make it visible to relevant people, you won’t be able to succeed at all. Thus your main focus should be on increasing the visibility of your content. Recent research has made it clear that the reason why many startups are failing at content marketing is that they are not focusing on ensuring that their target audience actually sees it. To avoid following suit, here are three essential tips compiled for you:


Conducting research is important because you have to understand who is actually interested in your idea. You may think that your idea is an absolute winner and that everyone will love it. But you simply can’t of forward with that thought. You have to know how people will receive it and who will actually purchase from you. There are many who did not bother about research, marketed themselves through content wrongly, and then decided that content marketing is hokum.

Conduct thorough research and identify your target audience. Learn where over the Internet you can connect with them, and understand what your target audience is interested in (relevant topics). When you create content accordingly, there is no reason for you to fail.


Your content should be useful in that it should solve a problem or two for your audience. Only when you are able to furnish such content will your audience keep coming back to you for more because they want something that is relevant and reliable. Of course problem solving is no piece of cake but you are an entrepreneur. You have no other option.


If you promote content as if you are advertising your company, you won’t succeed. Since your content is already useful, your only job is to promote it just like that. Make it a contribution and market it so that publications are attracted to what you have to say. A contribution is well researched, relevant, and helpful. A contribution is not an advertisement or a promotion.

The bottom-line is that you should be genuine while furnishing content and while marketing it so that people know you care more about their problems than about making sales.

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Content marketing is about creating useful content as well as promoting it as contribution rather than as an advertisement because people don’t like being sold to. They only like being informed, which is why making content useful should be your primary focus.

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