Polishing Your Persuasion Skills

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October 24, 2016
Persuasion SkillsBeing able to persuade someone makes you feel accomplished and in the world of entrepreneurship, this skill is a must.

Especially when you are presenting or talking to an audience, you want all ears and eyes on you. Not everyone can do that. Some people can persuade very easily while others simply keep speaking and the audience gets distracted. The gap keeps widening and the speaker walks off with a sense of embarrassment upon having achieved nothing.

Listed below are a few helpful tips:

Start With An Answer

Instead of trying to sound funny by starting with a joke or trying to establish a connection by starting with a story, experts say that letting your audience know why you are talking about a particular topic is more important and persuasive. This will also give you credibility.

This is also important because a story or a joke may hurt your credibility if it goes wrong or sends the wrong message. That risk is nullified when you choose to answer the question first.

Speak Like You Believe It

Of course you believe in what you are speaking and conveying but not everyone has the ability to show it. If you are passionate about the topic of discussion it is advisable that you show it as you speak. Audience loves listening to passionate people. When you talk passionately they will ignore it if you stumble in the middle or include fluff such as err and erm. Passion will travel from you to the audience and you will have their attention. Having said that, you should not try faking passion. That is impossible to do.

When you believe it, and show it passionately, your audience will start believing in it.

Talk To Your Audience. Do Not Give A Speech.

A speech is boring and even irritating. Rambling on and on as if you are reading out of a textbook will not help your case at all. There is a need to connect with your audience and you can do that only when you talk to them. Don’t start narrating stories just to connect with them. Try making a connection with the ideas and logic related to the topic.

Keep these three things in mind and you’ll definitely be able to win attention.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Being able to persuade your audience is difficult but vital. Show passion and stick to the point in a conversation style so that you not just connect with them but also make them believe in your ideas.

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