Motivation Mantras to Galvanize Your Staff

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November 4, 2016
Talent ManagementSo your business is growing and you are an established entrepreneur. Now look around and see what you really are. Are you a figurehead who only attends important meetings or a leader who is willing to take his team to whatever heights possible. To keep your staff at peak performance levels and to keep yourself away from complacency, you have to open those doors. Yes. Ideally you should be working shoulder to shoulder with your team.

Keep doors open:

Nothing energizes employees more than knowing that are actively participating in a company’s growth. Team members from every level in the organization should be welcomed to present their ideas on important issues. It could be a brainstorming for a new client’s activity, an internal system streamlining or team expansion. Its surprising how great ideas can come from anywhere. Keep staff in the loop and keep a ear open to their voices.

Politics is not your game

Are you driving away talented staff, due to the petty office politics. Rein in. This is an alarming situation. Talent management is crucial for your progress. An office environment rife with politics attracts people who only work for themselves . Where there is no team work and no transparency, then D day is not far away. Make sure that the people you hire and the emotional environment is one of equality and synergy. Cut hierarchy and bossism to the minimum. The natural born hard workers who bring their best to every task will flourish in such a place and so will your organization.

Reward to Empower

A brilliant performer is naturally a role model to all others. The one who has reached up to expectations and even outdone some of them. If an employee is very quick on the uptake, is highly motivated and grows quickly, don’t let it go unnoticed. Its a reason to celebrate and reason to reward. When you are clear about company expectations and have a proactive feedback system running, every employee feels empowered to get to the goal and there is no room for one -up attitudes or envy.

Create a positive environment

Is your company culture creative and collaborative? Do you see many happy faces around you? Its a fact that a comfortable well planned work place is a great motivation for employees. Its important to ensure that employees enjoy coming to work. Without employee engagement and satisfaction its time to sell and move on. Its all about the environment that makes staff feel like family. They would think twice before planning to leave.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Its important that everyone in the company understands that they are working for themselves as well as for others. It is a vital part of human resource management. The company values should inspire them and the company should foster an environment where everyone builds together to grow together.

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