Most Of Your Online Ads Are Probably Going Waste

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November 15, 2016
Market Expansion StrategiesRecent studies and statistics for a few small business solutions are staggering. You will be surprised at the ridiculous amount of waste in online marketing through paid advertisements.

Many people are going the way of online ads to spread the word about their businesses and to get traffic. It has become an integral part of their marketing and advertising strategies. However, a huge portion is apparently going down the drain because it is not able to reach the target audience at all.

Back in time, when offline advertisements (TV and hoardings) were prevalent, the main limitation of market expansion strategies was lack of attention. People barely glanced at a hoarding unless it was extremely attractive and people barely paid attention to the advertisements going on. With online marketing, people thought this limitation would be at bay but that hasn’t happened. When you take a look at the business marketing strategies and campaigns being used and the conversions you will see that most of them are going waste and a very small percentage is being put to good use. This small percentage is that, which has very high optimization as well as focused attention.

There may be many reasons behind this wastage but we have narrowed down to three based on our research and findings:

Banner Issues

We don’t know whom to blame for this but after so many years of banners that were nothing but an eyesore, people have started turning a blind eye to all banners. Lack of sales and marketing skills in the past ruined the effect of banners.In fact, more than 86% viewers don’t even care about banners on the pages they visit. This is the reason why many online businesses are shifting from banners to online videos. They now prefer spending on videos because that makes much more sense and gets more attention. Another problem is the relevance of these banners. There are many banners that are contextually off-topic or they are not placed properly in the article or the video.


Not being able to target the right audience is a major concern. Many ads are not even visible to the right audience may be because they are just not targeted in the right pages or because they are placed extremely badly. No one, for example, will even notice an ad that is placed at the bottom or when the ads popup in another window, which opens behind your current window. People simply exit without even bothering to take a look. This usually happens when you don’t optimize your ads or when you use ad networks that produce too many banners without giving them a lot of thought.


Here’s another shocking revelation for you: most of the traffic you receive is fake. It is the work of bots. Suspicious activity has increased tremendously in the recent past and businesses are being forced to think of creative processes that will help them keep away from such fraudulent traffic. New security measures need to be taken and we need better small business solutions to deal with this type of traffic.

What is the answer here? We would say you use technology and small business solutions to ensure personalized campaigning. You must also track your clicks to see where the audience comes from. Using such analysis you should fine tune your ads so that the traffic is live and focused. You have AdWords, Google Analytics, and KISSmetrics among others that you should try and ensure proper use of your ad campaigns.

Entrepreneurial Learning

If you don’t optimize your ad campaigns or choose companies to do mas production for you, most of your ads will go waste. Statistics suggest that badly designed banners, fraud, and visibility issues are three of the main problems why ad campaigns are not delivering as they must.

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