Marketing Without Actually Having to Market

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September 30, 2016
Marketing TacticsYou don’t need to specifically market yourself to grow.

The sad part about marketing today, as seen in most companies, is that the companies focus on covering up their flaws. That is wrong. Marketing should include highlighting your positives and showing potential customers why you are worth their time and money.

Most companies are more worried about customer acquisition than anything else. They want to attract new customers and while this is completely fine, the problem arises when they forget about their existing customers. You put in a lot of effort in acquiring customers, agreed, but that doesn’t mean you forget your customers as soon as they buy from you. The rule of thumb here is that customer retention is more important than customer acquisition and it is more difficult as well.

In your haste to acquire new customers if you forget about your existing customers you will lead your company to disaster. Experts say that the best way to actually market yourself is to focus on your customers; people who are already buying from you. Everything including customer service, how you answer their phone, how promptly you respond to complaints, how open you are to learning, and how much you care about them is marketing. Customers have keen observation and when you fall short somewhere, they will be quick to catch it. This means that customer retention is a continuous process. You need to keep reminding your customers why you are better than your competitors. The moment they think you are taking them for granted, they will stop buying from you. As they realize you are doing a great job and are catering to their needs regularly, they will start marketing your products and services for you even before you ask for it.

This means that your customers will become your marketers provided you take good care of them. Of course, this will take effort and patience but isn’t it absolutely worth it? It is. Therefore, take feedback seriously, understand what your customers are looking for, and take good care of them. When you are able to ace all these factors you will be able to establish your presence and do wonders in business because your customers will directly or indirectly help you grow.

Entrepreneurial Learning

You don’t have to take special effort and care to acquire new customers. If you take care of your existing customers, they will take care of customer acquisition for you. Hence, you should never take your existing customers lightly.

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