Making a Mark on Social Media

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July 3, 2016
Social MediaCreating a profile on social media is only the most basic step. If you want to make a mark on social media, you have to do much more than that.

Social media is a great platform to establish yourself and spread your business but only when you use it right. Many people take it for granted and think that creating a profile or a page is enough. The competition today is so tough that you have to put some effort and time so that people know of your presence and get attracted to your business.

Guy Kawasaki, the man who has so many different titles to his name has some advice for everyone who is facing trouble using social media to his or her advantage:

Use Each Platform Differently

Guy says that each platform is different. Facebook is entirely different from Pinterest and Pinterest is entirely different from Twitter. This means that you can’t do the same thing on each social platform. Therefore you should first understand how to use each platform.

  • Facebook is for you to keep in touch with people you already know
  • Twitter is useful for those who are looking to build reputation
  • Pinterest is a good source for research and to spread your message through pictures
  • LinkedIn will help you portray yourself as someone highly professional and passionate
Create an Excellent Profile

When someone visits your profile, he or she will decide in merely two seconds whether you are worth his or her time. Those two seconds are crucial, thus, and you can make them work in favor by paying attention to your profile and creating a profile that is attractive and speaks to the public about you.

Don’t Talk too Much About Yourself

Social media is not a platform for you to keep talking about who you are and what you sell. It should be extremely less about you and a lot about your customers and audience.

Add Images

This stands true for all platforms. A little bling will take you a long way because images are always more attractive. Therefore, you will have more visitors if you use images.

Be Responsive

Even big brands make the mistake of not responding to comments and posts. Always be responsive so that customers and visitors know that you care about your customers.

Never be Negative

Lastly, being negative will take you absolutely nowhere. You should make sure you are always positive even if someone is speaking smack about you. In that way your reputation will stay intact and you will remain in the good eye of your customers and visitors.

These are simple but very effective steps to increase followers on social media.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Increase the number of followers on social media by being responsive, positive, and by creating an attractive but genuine profile. Social media is a platform for you to connect with people and spread your business.

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