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September 27, 2016
Personal Branding strategyWomen have generally faced the problem of being discriminated against in one-way or the other.

While men can easily get away with wearing faded jeans and a tee shirt to work, women CEOs wearing a similar ensemble will be frowned upon. This means that people will be very quick to judge you especially if you are a woman. This is the reason why most women are being driven into creating their own brand. They are building their own identity and this includes much more than just attire.

To follow suit, here are some tips that will help you:

Get Motivated

Look into the entrepreneurial world and you’ll find many entrepreneurs who have led by example. Take a cue and do the same. You may not find too many women entrepreneurs but you’ll definitely find a few inspiring personalities.

What is your Message?

Think of what exactly you want to portray or convey through your personal brand. What are the attributes that you’d like to put forward? Smart, confident, trustworthy, and strategic are some examples.

Look for Help

You don’t need to do everything on your own. If you think you need help, ask for it. You may not know what to wear in order to convey your attributes and your requirements. Ask your friend or sibling or your better half to help you out. You could ask a professional for the same. Build your wardrobe around your needs and you will find dressing up in the morning very easy.

Consistency is the Key

Once you develop your brand, you have to be consistent with it. Protect the message you want to convey and spread the word consistently whether it is through Twitter or through a face-to-face interaction.


With time, you will have to evolve. That is a necessity and you should abide by it. If the need comes, you should be ready to evolve and polish your personal brand.
Building a personal brand involves a lot more than just wearing what you feel comfortable in while protecting your integrity. However, focusing on your ensemble is a good way to start.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Build your own personal brand and live up to it in order to break the shackles of being judged by what you wear and for who you are. The best way to stand up for yourself is to build your own brand.

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