Learn And Share Through Mentoring

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October 19, 2016
Mentoring SkillsThe more you share the more you have.

This stands true for happiness and knowledge. When you share your knowledge you strengthen what you already know. Plus, you help others and that is a great feeling. In the world of entrepreneurship, learning and sharing are not luxuries. They are necessities. At every step you learn something new from someone and you have the desire to pass the knowledge that you have. Thus, in some instances you need mentoring while in the others you become the mentor yourself.

Here are tips on using mentorship to the fullest for yourself and for everyone around you:

Go For It

You may think you need to reach a certain stage in your profession to mentor someone. That is not true. Whatever knowledge you have, you can share it with others. Also, you don’t need a certification to mentor someone! Don’t wait, thus, spread your knowledge. Mentor someone and you will see how your own skills also shine as you do so.

Do Not Control

Mentorship is limited to offering advice and giving suggestions. Mentorship is not about controlling what the other person does. Also, do not use the ‘mentor’ tag to exploit others and to get your work done. Teach only when you want to teach and not when you want to find ways of shifting your own workload on someone else.

Seek Mentorship Only When You Want to Learn

Don’t abuse someone else’s willingness to mentor you. You surely wouldn’t feel good if someone did the same to you and used you. Don’t do that to someone else either. Your motives have to be pure for you to gain benefits.

Be Sure You Are Not Wasting Your Time

Mentor only such people who are truly interested. If you keep taking time out for someone and sharing your experiences and tips with him just to find out later that he is not even interested, you will be highly disappointed. To avoid such wastage of time, observe the person closely. Within the first two-three meetings you will understand whether the person really wants to learn and implement or whether you are simply wasting your time with him.

It is important to be selfless but self-aware when you mentor and seek mentorship.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Learning from others and sharing your knowledge is a great idea and every entrepreneur should engage in this. However, it is important to be careful so that you don’t waste time and also to keep your motives clean so that you don’t use someone.

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