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December 25, 2016
Leadership QualitiesYou may have reached the leadership position through sheer dedication to performance and a do or die attitude . Now that you are at the top, your viewpoint needs to change. You have to now be a role model, one whom others will look up to and follow. Here are some tips that can shape your leadership and management skills

Be Competent: Employees will look up to a leader who has good industry knowledge and management skills. If you do not possess these skills you should surround yourself with knowledgeable people who can offer good counsel. Competence is a trait all employees will admire.

Be Trustworthy: No one will look up to a person they cannot trust. Your employees will want to rely on you and count on you. In difficult situations, leaders are expected to apprise their employees of the situations and find solutions on how to address the problem.

Show Commitment: As a leader you need to be fully committed to the goals and objectives of the organization. If you lack initiative employees will take it as a sign of disinterest. While employees burn the candle at both ends, you need to be the motivation for their endeavors.

Honesty & Integrity: Employees will certainly expect you to do what you say, or literally walk the talk. You have to emerge as their role model and lead by example to make them feel that you are trust worthy and can lead them confidently and with clarity. Integrity is one of the leadership qualities that ranks high in the employee’s mind.

Be Resilient: In today’s world, this is a quality that is essential to survive. If you cannot adapt, you lose out. As a leader you should be able to face the challenges of the changing business landscape and in case there are setbacks , you should be able to bounce back and continue to lead.

Put Organization above all: Dedication and service to the organization and all that it entails, is a quality employees look for in a leader. If you wish to earn their respect you need to serve the interest of the organization above all else. This denotes true leadership management.

Be caring to employees: Knowing your employees is the mark of a good leader, and your employees will we be gratified to know that you care for their aspirations, their goals and what motivates them to perform. Getting basic personal information about employees who report directly to the leader, will instill confidence and inspire loyalty.

Confess Mistakes: Any one is prone to make mistakes and leaders are no exception. When you make a mistake or a bad judgment on an issue, be transparent and own it up. It will show the human side of you and also help employees in learning how to tackle situations of such kind in the future.

Prefer Respect to being popular: You may get led astray by your popularity and bonhomie which you enjoy with employees, but this can cost you your respect. It is better to be respected and admired for your superior leadership and extraordinary qualities.

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To be a role model, an idol to look up to and follow, for your employees, you need posses the leadership qualities of being competent, trustworthy, committed and show integrity. Caring for the organization and employees should be a priority. Such a leader will be looked up to and respected an the true pathfinder.

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