Isis Nyongo, Past Vice-President of InMobi Africa

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September 27, 2013

Isis Nyongo is the InMobi, VP and MD, Africa, the world’s largest independent mobile advertising network. She has nearly 10 years of experience in media and technology and had previously worked with Google, MTV and Kenya’s first online job site MyJobsEye.

When Nyongo was working on business development for Google, she specialised in mobile partnerships and developed the company’s content strategy to bring African content online. She was also part of the founding team of MTV Networks Africa, where she was responsible for the network’s commercial strategy.

Nyongo holds degrees from the Stanford University and the Harvard Business School, where she was the president of the Africa Business Club. She has been named as one of the ‘Top 40 Women under 40′ in Kenya, the Forbes Top 20 Youngest Power Women in Africa as well as IT News Africa’s Top 10 Women in ICT.

She gets frequently featured in various media such as Al Jazeera, BBC, Nation Media, Wired, the Wall Street Journal, among others and serves on the board of Africa Cancer Foundation. In this video, she shares her views on mobile marketing in present day Africa, the infrastructure needed to boost mobile marketing, opportunities for SMEs in mobile marketing and the challenges that multiple mobile platforms pose to marketers.

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