Instagram Advertising – Win or Fail?

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October 12, 2016
Social Media MarketingInstagram has revealed that metrics of its ad campaign and it seems to be quite encouraging.

When you think about social media advertising, your mind usually travels to Facebook and Twitter. Some of you may even think of Pinterest but Intsagram was never quite in the same league. This platform was for people who share a common interest in photography to connect. The company shared on its blog that it analyzed a number of metrics from four ad campaigns. The metrics included ad recall, reach, and awareness among others.

The reach metric showed amazing results. In all four campaigns, it proved to be highly successful. At the same time, ad recall was right at the top as well. Coming to brand awareness, Instagram noted an increase of 10% awareness. In the blog the company did mention that this increased awareness might mainly be due to the fact that ad campaigning is relatively new on the social media platform and that is probably why it attracted a lot of attention. This is not the first instance that ad campaigning on Instagram is helpful. There has been proof previously as well.

The company also mentioned on the blog that their main goal was to ensure that the ads are engaging and enjoyable for everyone. You can find ads on Instagram from General Electric, Burberry, Levis, and other such top brands.

However, things are not always bright. Some users are completely against the introduction of the ad campaign on Instagram and are rebelling. Instagram is optimistic that with time, as the ads become expected and more prevalent, the opposition will die down, and everyone will accept them. There is always the chance of users simply quitting the site because of this new campaign but it is too early to make a call on that. Mainstream advertising really won’t appeal to some people. There will always be a few unhappy users no matter how hard you try. The only thing to hope is that the number of unhappy users does not increase dangerously.

In case everything goes well and people don’t leave the platform due to this, chances are that Instagram ad campaigning will become a huge hit and take over common advertising platform. It may even end up stealing some limelight from Twitter and Facebook.

We all know just how effective social media marketing is. Instagram can up the chances of brand awareness and sales for a number of businesses, which is why many businesses are probably very excited about the new ad campaign on this social media platform.

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Instagram has also entered the ad campaigning world and metric reveal that it is doing very well. If this continues and popular brands start creating more and more ads on this platform, it can be very helpful for online advertisers.

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