Improve your Emails in Four Simple Steps

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September 3, 2016
Email marketing best practicesAmong the highly popular means of communication today is email and we all have a love-hate relationship with it.

As founders, we always make it a point to send out emails to our customers but we don’t really fancy receiving emails all the time. When it comes to email marketing it is important to think like the customer so that you deliver emails that are actually worthwhile. When it comes to emails, the biggest problem is bad writing. There are many interesting emails (even offers) that are spammed by customers just because the writing was bad. If email marketing is not working for you, your writing may be the reason why.

Expounded below are four steps to improve your emails for the better:

Call To Action

In simple words, if your email does not require your customers to do something (avail an offer, check a new product, etc.), sending the email is an absolute waste. You have no reason to send out the email to your customers if there is no call to action. Thus, step number one to improving your emails is including an action for your customers.


You can’t beat around the bush in your email because no one has the time or the patience to read the entire email to know what the point of the email is. The Subject Line should be very clear and precise. It should let the customer know what you want to talk about. Bad subject lines will ensure that your customers don’t even open your email.

No Assumptions

You simply can’t assume that all your customers know or are aware of something. Some may be aware and some may not. You can’t generalize and think that everyone will know what you are talking about. It is a good idea to verify and then frame your email accordingly.


After you frame the email, read it once or twice and ask yourself whether everything is clear. Clarity is important because your customers or audience will definitely not ponder over your email, attempting to read your mind. Only when you are sure that this will not be the case should you send the email.

It is needless to say that well-written emails will give you a competitive edge. Watch your grammar, sentence formation, writing format, and word usage. Keep it simple, understandable, and properly written so that you attract your audience’s attention.

Entrepreneurial Learning

It is easy to go wrong with emails but the good news is that it is just as easy to improve the quality of your emails. Ensure that the email is simple, precise, engaging, and informative so that your audience goes through it and responds according to the call to action.

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