How To Make Room For Privacy In Small Offices

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April 29, 2015
Employee Performance ManagementEmployee performance revolves around a number of things. One of these things is office space. Believe it or not, office spaces influence performance a lot more than you’d think.

The trend today is to have open floor plans and no doors. Large enterprises have a lot of space to work with, which is why employees can breathe and work comfortably in their spaces. The scenario is quite different for startups. Finance management is already quite difficult and office rent can be extravagant. Thus, you are forced to work with smaller spaces. This doesn’t mean, though, that you compromise on employee comfort and requirement. Fortunately, there is a solution. You can do a few things to ensure small business sustainability in limited workspace.

Allot A Private Room Or Space

This private room should be a spare room that employees can use now and then. Make it perfectly clear to everyone that no employee is allowed to set up camp there permanently. For example, an employee can use it to make an important phone call. Another employee can use it to work on a priority project to avoid distractions.

Allow Work From Home

While many offices don’t really like this idea, others have come to embrace the benefits. If you are hard pressed for space, there is no harm in giving your employees an option to work from home. In fact, studies show that working from a location other than the office at least once a week can boost employee performance. It won’t solve all complications related to privacy but it will help you significantly. Alongside, your employees will be more than happy to work from home every now and then.

Let Employees Take Breaks

If all your employees are working in close quarters, they can be stressed. They may want to take a break. Don’t worry when one of them disappears for a short while. It is just to take a break and cool off. Not many people really like spending all their time with others, really.

These simple but effectual tips will help manage business financing as well as boost employee performance despite lack of space.

Entrepreneurial Learning

A lot depends on how the office environment is. Employees need some space for themselves and not many can work in close quarters with one another. If you are facing a tough time renting a larger office, it is advisable that you take measures to make the most of the space at hand.

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