How to avoid common marketing mistakes

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September 20, 2012
Marketing tipsIt just isn’t enough to start a business, you need to let people know that you exist. Marketing techniques for your brand or company is the only way to tell people that you are there. It is the key with which you gain popularity and success. But at the same time if not done in the right manner, it may lead to many problems and also lead to loss. Marketing is the strategy used to identify the right market and the target audience. It is to attract your audience and make them buy your products. Marketing for business is an expensive affair.
Thus, it is very necessary that you devise a marketing plan and then spend on it:

Identify your audience and market

It is very necessary that you understand who your target market is and where they exist. This can be achieved through a thorough analysis of your products and research about the interest of the audience. One should identify these two elements before they start marketing their products. Once you are done with identification, chalk out a proper plan to market your brand.

Do not use the wrong medium

When you identify your target market and audience, it is also necessary that you understand the medium they use so that it could help you choose the right medium.This helps you use the right medium. Some audience may prefer the local newspapers, some may prefer outdoor and some may use the internet. Thus, it is a must that you do a thorough research of what they use the most.

Don’t ignore your customers’ needs

Customers are everything to a business. It is your duty to understand what their needs are. If you produce products and services which are of no use to your customers it is very difficult to survive in the market. Through surveys one can understand the needs of the audience. This will help you design your products according to their needs.

Do not forget your customers

Once a customer purchases products and leaves, you should not forget him or her. You have to be in contact with your customers. This encourages repeat clientele. One needs to stay in touch with their customers, to let them know about the products available, to see if anything interests them, etc. The art of being in contact with your customers encourages word of mouth. As people talk of your brand and products, it would interest the other people.

Use the right message for marketing

Use the unique selling proposition when you market your products. Talk about what is unique and special about your products. Your message should persuade the readers to buy your products. Do not give excess and unnecessary information about your product. This will confuse and bore your readers.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Every company – big or small – should have marketing ideas in order to inform the outside the world that you exist. It can be effective if you do it the right way or it can give absolutely zero results if its not effective. Research before you invest in marketing. Make a note of where your customers are, what form of media they follow the most, which language they understand, etc. Marketing is a huge investment, so do not play with it. With the help of research you can make a small investment and yet achieve great results. Don’t be in any hurry, make a wise investment.

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