How Super-achievers get to the Top and Stay There

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November 3, 2016
Successful EntrepreneursIts not by chance that great men and women reach the highest rungs of their profession. Its not just a saying that great minds think alike. There are some extraordinary traits which set them apart from others. Whatever the field, whichever the industry, the winners are the ones who have a set of similar habits. These are just a handful of tenets but they have worked wonders. If one would try and adopt these traits, who knows, you may be the next bright star in the business world! A study of phenomenally successful entrepreneurs threw light on a list of common qualities. This could perhaps be the elusive formula for success, which everyone aims for and few achieve.

Knowing Your Self

Sounds simple doesn’t it, but few people look inward before they start pointing fingers at the whole world. When something fails or when there is fault, all of us try to pass the buck. It could be the weather, the economy or even the government that’s to blame. The leaders, the ones who make it to the top, first look inward. They try to analyze where their own biases or conjectures failed them.

Staying Power

Sure, all of us have that dream, that great idea which will make us rich and famous. But for most of us the dream remains a cloud on the horizon. This is because the dream, the idea is not the centre of our lives. Great achievers shape their lives around their inspiration, their unique idea. This unswerving dedication is what makes them stay with their cause, come what may. It is this staying power, the zeal, which helps them reach the top even against all odds. They put their leadership and business skills to maximum use.

Trial and error

No great achiever got to the top without a slip up here and there. The difference is that they knew how to test the waters ans swim ashore. They don’t shy away form product innovations and strategies. Every achiever knows that testing the idea is very important. Feedback or trial runs are the only way to know if the product or idea is on the right track. Nothing can outdo empirical evidence. Relying on instinct is only a small part of the story. When stepping out to conquer, achievers do so with immense faith in their idea, absolute trust in its success.

Willingness to Listen and learn

Leaders do not take good advise and suggestions lightly. Nor do they listen just for the sake of propriety. When their idea is evaluated, validated and discussed, by well wishers or critics, they listen with attention. To achieve success they know that wisdom comes from the most unexpected quarters and everyone’s opinion counts in contributing to greatness

Entrepreneurial Learning

High achievers have an impressive capacity to convince others to join their mission through their dedication, introspective thinking, willingness to adapt and refine, and their staying power in the face of difficulties. Inner passion, focus and diligence rules them all.

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